LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



War Memorials, Rolls of Honour and War Registers

of the Great War

in Cheltenham and the Surrounding Areas




Joe Devereux and Graham Sacker – their book “Leaving All That Was Dear” is superb, a result of 4 years of hard work and dedication.  The task was enormous, matched by their tenacity and quest for the facts.      

Neela Mann and her book “Cheltenham in the Great War”,  published in 2016.  Neela shines a light on the previously unrecorded life and activities of the town during 1914 – 1918.

Fr J Hegarty, St Gregory’s Church, Cheltenham (June 2001)

Mr M Leonard, Church Warden, Holy Apostles Church, London Road, Cheltenham (July 2001)

Lilien Brockman, St Mary’s Church, Prestbury (July 2001)

Fr Brian Torode, St Stephen’s Church, Cheltenham (July 2001)

Rev David Williams, St Mark’s Church, Cheltenham (July 2001)

Mike Lake, St Mary’s Church, Cheltenham (July 2001)

Rev Ted Croften, Christ Church, Cheltenham (July 2001)

Reference Section staff, Cheltenham Public Library (July 2001 and continuing).

Mr Peter Horne, Salem Baptist Church, Cheltenham (August 2001)

Rev Stephen Tyrrell, St Paul’s Church, Cheltenham (August 2001)

Mr Brian Berry, Bethesda Church, Great Norwood St, Cheltenham (August 2001)

Mrs Ann Varley, St Mark’s Methodist Church, Cheltenham (August 2001)

Mr David Williams, Church Warden, St Mary Magdalen Church, Elmstone Hardwicke (September 2001).

Mr Bob Beal and Mr Neil Anderson of Pates Grammar School, Cheltenham (October 2001) 

Mr Richard Padfield, OD Department, Dean Close School, Cheltenham (October 2001)

Mr Tim Pearce, Secretary The Cheltonian Society, Cheltenham College (November 2001)

Christine Leighton, Archivist, Cheltenham College (November 2001)

Mr Bill Smith, Church of St Mary Magdalen, Boddington (December 2001)

Rev David Eadey, St Lawrence’s Church, Swindon Village (December 2001)

Ms Yvette Coleman, Post Office Depot, Swindon Road Cheltenham (January 2002)

Fr Martin Ennis, St Georges Church, Brockworth  (February 2002)

Miss Rachel Tidswell, Press Officer, East Gloucestershire NHS Trust, Cheltenham (February 2002)

Helen Pugh, Archivist, HQ British Red Cross Society,  London (February 2002)

Rev D Conning. St Peter’s Church, Leckhampton (February 2002)

Mr Ralph Wilkins, Church Warden, St Stephen’s Church, Cheltenham (March 2002)

Ms Margaret Hill, St Andrew’s Church, Immingham  (March 2002)

Mr Brian Innes and Mr Cyril Powell, Cheltenham Cemetery (April 2002)

Mr Bert Winter, a visitor to Boddington Church (June 2002)

Mrs Hilary Mason, wife of Rev Mason, Churchdown Parish Church (June 2002)

Rev Mason, Churchdown Parish Church (June 2002)

Mrs Pam Colley, Church Warden, Churchdown Parish Church (June 2002)

Adam and Vivien Montague-Smith, Cowley Church (June 2002)

Mrs Sylvia Pierce, Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery (July 2002)

Mr Ray Briant,  Harlequin Gallery, Cheltenham  (July 2002)

Mr Len Bill, Church Warden, Holy Apostles Church, Cheltenham (September 2002)

Mrs Paula Smith, HQ St John Ambulance Brigade, Gloucester (October 2002)

Mr John Wilson and Mr Walter Guttery, Personnel Archives New Zealand Defence Force.

Mr Paul Frawley, Government Archives, Wellington, New Zealand.

Mr Bob Millward, Kidderminster Historical Society (February 2003).

Rev Mike Lodge – St Luke’s Church,  Cheltenham  (February 2003)

Mr Ken Brightwell, St Luke’s Church, Cheltenham  (February 2003)

Mrs Pauline Rogerson, Manchester, (photographs of commemorations to Cheltonians listed on Memorials in the Manchester area (February 2003).

Mr Derek Shilling, Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Hants (March 2003).

Mr R Robinson, Headmaster, St James Primary School, Cheltenham (April 2003).

Mrs Ladley, School Secretary, St James Primary School, Cheltenham (April 2003).

Ms Pippa Cleary, OD Department, Dean Close School, Cheltenham (April 2003).

Canon Paul Williams, St Mary’s Church, Twyning (April 2003).

Mr Francis Chescoe, St Mary’s Church, Twyning (April 2003).

Mr Stuart Miles , Fareham, Hants (information regarding the Mustoe family) (April 2003).

Mr Ian Povah (information regarding the Army Ordnance Corps) (June 2003).

Mrs Janet Nelson of Preston, for information regarding Captain Anketell Moutray Read, VC, (June 2003).

Mr Nick Stanley (information regarding Maurice Carter Voile) (September 2003).

Rev John Jessop and Mr Charles Irwin, St Bartholomew’s Church, Winstone (October 2003).

Rev Stephen W Eldridge, St Peter’s Church, Cheltenham (October 2003).

Mrs Felicity Cleaves, Highbury Congregational Church, Cheltenham (October 2003).

Mrs Janne, Verger St Bartholomew’s Church, Churchdown (November 2003).

Ms Janet Gittins of Worthing, for information on Captain (RN) Frank Brandt (December 2003).

Ms Vanessa Smart of Cheltenham, for information on LCpl Charles Smart (December 2003).

Mr Stuart Baker, for information on Able Seaman Sidney Dowding (January 2004).

Mr Ivor Lee, for continuing information on Cheltonians serving with the Labour Corps (January 2004).

Ms Sue Light of Worthing, for information on, and a photo of the grave of Captain Hugh Hornby (January 2004).

Mr Marc Thompson of the Great War Forum, for providing the photo of the grave of Captain A M Read, VC, (February 2004).

Mr Garth McGowen of Littleport, Cambs, of the Great War Forum, for providing a photo of the grave of Captain W H Heading (March 2004).

“Sunflower” of the Great War Forum, for providing the photos of Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, France (April 2004).

Mr Gareth Morgan of Sydney, Australia for information on Captain Gordon Ronald Duncan Mackay RAF and for continuing information on RAF pilots in the Great War (April 2004).

Mr Aurel Sercu of the Great War Forum, residing in Boezinghe, Belgium, for providing the photos of Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boezinghe, Belgium (April 2004).

Peter and Jan Pritchard, of Queensland, Australia, for information on the Davis brothers (April 2004).

Mr Alan Curragh of the Great War Forum, for providing the photos of Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy, France (May 2004).

Mr Martin Harvey of the Great War Forum, for providing the photos of Bazentin le Petit Military Cemetery, France (May 2004).

Mr Michael D Robson of the Great War Forum, residing in Tel Aviv, Israel, for photos of Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel (May 2004)

Mr Philip Arkell of Winchcombe, for information regarding Pte Oliver George Arkell (June 2004).

Mr Sam Eedle, for information on Pte Percy Arkell and Major Henry Howman (June 2004).

Ms Mary Ingham, Family History Research on Women, for information on Elizabeth Hannah Jane Roberts (July 2004).

Mr Paul Calleja-Gera of Shurdington, Glos, for information on St Paul’s Churchyard Shurdington and Pte William Lindsey of Shurdington (July 2004).

Mr Kevin Horn for information on Pioneer Arthur Bowstead and the 30th Railway Labour Battalion Royal Engineers (July 2004).

Mr Peter Coxon, for the photograph of the grave Brigadier Geddes taken at Old Shoreham Cemetery (August 2004).

Lorna Scott and Carol McIntosh, Archivists, University Of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham (August 2004).

Mr Tim Godden of the Great War Forum, for photos of the graves of Major Growse and Pte Oakey at Cologne (South) Cemetery, Germany taken in May 2004.

Mrs Caroline Coxon, for photo of the grave of Pte Arthur Goodhall taken at Hastings Cemetery (September 2004)

Minister Chris Moore, Salem Baptist Church Cheltenham (September 2004).

Mr Aurel Sercu of the Great War Forum, for photos of White House Cemetery, Ypres and the headstone of Pte Edgar Wicksey (October 2004)

Colin and Richard Bishop, for a photo of the commemorative plaque in Stanley Cathedral, Falkland Islands (October 2004)

“Frajohn” of the Great War Forum, for the photographs taken in Kemmel Chateau Cemetery, near Ypres, Belgium (October 2004)

Mr Marco Hoveling of the Great War Forum and An Unfortunate Region, for photographs of various CWGC headstones in France.

Mrs M Moore, Church Warden, St Mary’s Church, Driffield, Gloucestershire (March 2004)

Mr Ian Chambers, for various photos in Bucquoy, France, in February 2005.

All who attended the Service of Remembrance in Christ Church, Cheltenham, to commemorated those of Cheltenham who fell on 25th September 1915, the first day of the Battle of Loos.

Mr Mike Shingleton, for the various photos of CWGC headstones taken in France and Flanders in 2005

Mr Mark Mathias of Gloucestershire who very kindly provided the photo of the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres

Mr Steve Smith of Kent, who very kindly provided the photos taken in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery (February 2006)

Mrs Kathleen (Pearce) Kibble of Victoria, BC, Canada, for the photos of Pte William Cyril Pearce (June 2006)

Mr David Hanks of Cheltenham, for photos of VAD hospitals in Cheltenham  (July 2006)

Philippe Drouin, Vice President Somme Remembrance Association for photos of headstones in the Achiet-le-Grand area (October 2006).

Patrick and Diane Anderson of Letham, Forfar, who very kindly provided the photos of Major Annesley’s commemoration in St Andrews (Western) Cemetery.

Mr Paul Reed, for photos of military cemeteries on the Somme – (November 2006)

Mr Tom McManamon of Bampton, Devon who kindly provided the photo of Capt Read’s memorial plaque (December 2006)

Mr Carl Hoehler of South Africa, for information on Major A Murray-MacGregor.   (May 2007)

Mr Darren Brown of Australia, for information on Submarine E18 and Lt Cmdr R C Halahan.   (May 2007)

Ms Penny Ostler-Williams, Proprietor Healing and Learning Centre, New Court, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham for kindly allowing us access to New Court and permission to photograph the Memorial.   (May 2007)

Mr Barry Bridson of the Isle of Man, for information on 2Lt R H C Bushell (August 2007)

Mr Stuart Pearce of Australia, for information on Pte C M Pearce (August 2007)

Mr Will Evans of Wrexham, for his kind remarks about the website (August 2007)

Ms Catherine Switzer, for photographs of headstones taken in the Asiago Plateau area of Italy in August 2007.

Mr John Dowling of Brisbane, Australia, for the photo of members of the 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, and permission for its use on this website.  (August 2007).

Mr Kieran Campbell of Laytown, Co Louth, Ireland, for photos of St Mary’s Church Drogheda and the headstone of Lt Col O G Ievers.

Mr Wayne Saillard of Malta, for photos taken at Pieta Military Cemetery in December 2007.

Mr M C C Heath, for the photo of his grandfather, Captain E G Heath, and for permission to publish it on the website (June 2008)

Ms Beverley Young, for photos and information regarding Gnr A Allsopp (August 2010).

Ms Sandra Taylor of Worcester, for information regarding 2Lt F C E Clarke (October 2010).

Ms Gaynor Harris, for information regarding Pte Frank Smith (October 2010).

Mr Martin Chapman, for photos of commemorations in Christ Church, Cheltenham (November 2010).

Michael Willougby, for information regarding Capt H Rome (December 2010).

Mr Gary Rennles, for information regarding Pte E Denley (March 2011).

Ms Judith Hancock, for information regarding Lt D M M O’Callaghan (June 2011)

Mr Robert Walker, for information regarding Pte F J Cresswell (August 2011).

Ms Jane Swindail, for information regarding her grandfather, Pte H J Pitman  (April 2012)

Mr Martyn Quantick, for information regarding Sgt Evan Victor JOSEPH, DCM, MM (March 2013)

Mr Michael Webb, for information regarding Pte Harry Locke (March 2013)

Eileen E. Junge and Mr Terry Price for information and photograph of Pte W E Drew (June 2014)

Dawn Berry, for information on her great-uncle Dvr Harold Albert Butler (September 2017)



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