Cheltenham (Public Library) Roll of Honour – European War 1914 – 1919 Surnames D, E, F

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   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear





Cheltenham (Public Library) Roll of Honour Book 1914 – 1919

Surnames D, E and F

Location:   Cheltenham Library, Clarence Street

Location:   SO 947226


Names listed on this Roll of Honour: 

Last Visited:   April 2003

IWM War Memorial Ref:   In due course

Alphabetical list of names in this Roll of Honour

Surnames  –  D  (49)

Surnames  – E

Surnames  –  F

Dale S G

Danby J L

Dance H A W

Dartnall H T

Dartnall W J

Davies A H

Davies A J  *

Davis A D  *

Davis A E  *

Davis E

Davis E A

Davis E G

Davis S

Davis T

Davis W  *

Dean S

Deane E

Dearden J F

Delaney C J

Delmar-Williamson G F

Denchfield H

Denley E

Dennett F

Dennis C

Derrick J L

Desages O L

Desages W R

Dicks E

Dicks F J N

Dighton L P

Diston D W

Dix A

Dodwell H R

Dodwell J H

Dowding S

Downes W N

Drake W S

Draper F M  *

Drew E

Driscoll F M

Driscoll J P

Driver A

Du Boulay A H

Du Boulay L H

Dunn H A P

Dunn R T

Dutton C

Dyer H A

Dyer S E

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below.


1.  Davies A J is most probably Alfred John Davis.

2.  Davis A D is most probably Albert Ernest Davis.

3.  Davis A E is Albert Edward Davis.

4.  Davis W has yet to be unidentified.

5.  Draper F M is most probably Ralph Piercy Draper.





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