Memorials To The Missing in Turkey

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   Cheltonians Commemorated

On Memorials to the Missing in Turkey

46 Cheltonians are commemorated on 2 Memorials To The Missing in Turkey

Helles Memorial, Gallipoli

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Helles Memorial serves the dual function of Commonwealth Forces battle memorial for the whole Gallipoli campaign and place of commemoration for many of those Commonwealth servicemen who died there and have no known grave.   The United Kingdom and Indian forces named on the memorial died in operations throughout the peninsula, the Australians at Helles. There are also panels for those who died or were buried at sea in Gallipoli waters.   The Memorial commemorates more than 21,000 officers and men.

44 Cheltonians are commemorated on the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli

Pte William Bartlett

Pte Charles Ernest Beard

Pte Frederick William Blunt

Capt Charles Guy Bramwell

Pte Arthur Broom

2Lt George Owen Bunce

Pte Morgan John Burchett Collins

Captain Charles Arthur Cuningham

Pte George Frederick Edwards

Pte Henry Field

Pte Harry Fox

Pte Edward Thomas Gammon

Pte George Richard Gilder

Pte William Hawkins

Cpl Frank Hill

LCpl George Hopkins

Pte Thomas Walter Hunt

Pte Frank Jakeway

Tpr William John Jennings

Pte Frank Jones

Petty Officer Victor Steadman Karn

Major Richard Fitzgerald William Ferris Leslie

Pte Thomas Lewis

Pte Harry Mitchem

Cpl Alfred Henry Victor James Moon

Pte George Hebert Nash

Pte William James Maisey Parker

LCpl George Parnell

Pte Walter Ernest Pearce

Pte Bertram Ernest Peck

Capt George William Rolph

Pte Bernard Ernest Stephenson

Major Hugh Mascie Taylor

Pte William Henry Taylor

Pte Frederick Thomas Tidy

Pte Arthur Richard Turner

Pte George John Thomas Ursell

Lt Col Arthur Saunders Vanrenen

Major William Frederick Walter

Pte Gwilym Watkins

Tpr Frank Bernard Webber

Pte Albert John Williams

Captain Edwin Charles Willoughby

Pte William Arthur Young

Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli


Copyright and source –

Commonwealth War Graves Commission


The Lone Pine Memorial commemorates more than 4,900 missing Australian and New Zealand servicemen who died in the Anzac area – the New Zealanders prior to the fighting in August 1915.

2 Cheltonians Commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli

Capt Enderby Gordon Anderson

Cpl Edward Chidley


1.   War Cemeteries in Turkey can be viewed here.





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