Cheltenham War Memorial (West Panel)

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Cheltenham War Memorial

West Panel  –  Unveiling Details and Names Added After Unveiling


Location:   The Promenade,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:   SO 948224

Erected:   1st October 1921

IWM War Memorial Ref No:   20599

Names listed on this Panel:   37

Alphabetical list of names on the West Panel  (Names added after Unveiling)

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name in the “Notes” panel below

Arnold G

Barrow J J   *

Comley A C

Dougherty J J   *

Earle W   *

Earle W H

Eggleton R   *

Eggleton R W

Elliot S

Elliott R C   *

Fogerty E V   *

Fogerty H E   *

Fort L

Fricker E J

Glenny H Q

Guest A J

Hawkins A E

Hodgson E G

Hunt A F

Jenkins A F   *

Morris J

Newbury E M

Rogers A

Rudman A

Rumbles H   *

Smith J

Stotherd S B   *

Thompson G S

Uzzell F C

Wale E J

Yates A J

Names added to the Memorial on 18th September 2016 as part of the major refurbishment

Baker T H

Belcher A

Cox J G

Fox R F

Ivin L   *

Roberts E H J


1.   Barrow died on 6th May 1921 and is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

2.   Dougherty died on 20th September 1920 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Earle W is probably a duplicate commemoration on this panel.

4.   Eggleton R died on 21st February 1919 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

5.   Elliot S died in Cheltenham on 4th February 1921 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

6.   Elliott R C was added to the memorial as late as 1993.

7.   Fogerty E V died on 18th January 1920 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

8.   Fogerty H E died on 28th September 1919 and is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

9.   Jenkins died in Mesopotamia on 21st August 1921.

10.  Rumbles is probably Henry Rumbold.

11.  Stotherd is probably a duplicate commemoration  of Major S Stothard – see North Panel.

12.  Ivin was born Francis Leonard Ivin.






Page last amended:   20th September 2016


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