Charlton Kings War Memorial

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Charlton Kings War Memorial

Location:   Horsefair Street, Charlton Kings

Grid Reference:   SO 965205

Unveiled:   4th August 1920

Names on this War Memorial:   116

Last Visited:   23rd September 2011

Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register No:   20745

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  Copyright:  Allan D James, 2011

Inscriptions on this War Memorial:  To the undying memory of the men from Charlton Kings who, in defence of their country, sacrificed their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919.

Alphabetical list of names on this War Memorial

Addis F J   *                     

Attwood E   *                     

Ayland J                          

Bates A                           

Bates W                           

Billings S W                     

Black A

Bloodworth E

Bloxsome A                  

Bloxsome W J

Bond A J T

Booth J C

Bourne S

Bracher A V   *

Brazener A                       

Brazener G              

Brinkworth W               

Brookes H F                  

Brown W M   *                  

Burrows F                       

Butler H   *                         

Chandler W J   *                   

Chapman G A   *                

Cherrington T C          

Chick W                          

Clapham C   *               

Clifford W J        

Clissold G                   

Coombe W   *               

Coombey T                     

Creed T                           

Crooke E H                     

Crooke H N                    

Daubeney G                    

Drake W H                      

Dutfield E                     

Eaketts H W                      

Edwards H                       

Fawcett F   *

Foxwell C H                    

French R                         

Fry C E S   *                        

Fry T H   *                           

Gammon T   *                  

Gardner J A                   

Gardner S                       

Gray B J                        

Gray E                          

Hale F G   *                        

Hall A J                          

Harris T W                     

Harvey G E                    

Hawkins A   *                      

Hawkins R                     

Hayward G H                 

Heberden A C               

Hennel A S   *                       

Hodgson E G                  

James H                          

Jeffrey J   *                     

Jennings F   *                     

Jones C F

Jordan T                           

King A T   *                             

Knight T                          

Lawrence A J   *                  

Lovesy F J                         

Matthews M   *                        

Mayo A E                           

Newbury E M                     

Newcombe A   *                      

Newcombe L R   *                   

Peacey H                           

Phillott C G R   *                     

Price A J                           

Protherough H W   *                 

Roberts A

Robins E E

Rogerson V

Ruck W

Saunders C   *

Sealey E J
Shillum E                      

Sims H G   *                         

Sims W A                        

Slee J W L   *                        

Slee T   *                              

Smith A E                          

Smith E   *                           

Smith F                            

Smith H C                         

Smith R F                          

Smith W   *                           

Stephens E W                    

Stephens J   *                        

Tasker W                          

Taylor J                           

Thompson F                      

Turner W H                       

Uzzell  C                        

Villar R H                         

Viner W F                          

Wakefield A                      

Wakefield F                     

Whatley W                       

Wheeler H J                    

Wiggin D H                      

Wiggin N H                      

Wilks J W   *                       

Williams A J   *                

Williams F (Cpl)   *                   

Williams F   *                        

Williams F B   *                      

Williams L   *                        

Wills A H                            

Willoughby E C                   

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below.

Full service details of those named on the War Memorial can be seen at the foot of this page.


1.   Addis is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery and shares a CWGC double headstone with Clapham A G, who is not commemorated in Charlton Kings but is commemorated on the Elms Roll of Honour.

2.   Attwood is buried in St Andrew’s Churchyard Immingham.

3.   Bracher is commemorated on his parent’s grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

4.   Brown is commemorated on his mother’s grave in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

5.   Butler was probably the first Cheltonian to be killed in the Great War (24 Aug 1914).

6.   Chandler is commemorated on the family grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

7.   Chapman is commemorated on the family grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

8.   Clapham C is probably John Charles Clapham.

9.   Coombe is buried in the Charlton Kings Cemetery.

10.  Fawcett is also commemorated on a plaque in Cheltenham General Hospital.

11.  Fry C E S is commemorated on his father’s grave in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

12.  Fry T H is commemorated on a relative’s grave in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

13.  Gammon T is probably Edward Thomas Gammon.

14.  Hale is buried in Seaford Cemetery.

15.  Hawkins brothers are commemorated on their parent’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

16.  Hennell is commemorated on the grave of his father in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

17.  Jeffrey is probably James Jeffery.

18.   Jennings served in the Canadian Army as David Edward MORRISON.

19.  King is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

20.  Lawrence is commemorated on the grave of his wife in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

21.  Matthews is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

22.  Newcombe A is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

23.  Newcombe L R is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

24.  Phillott is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

25.  Protherough H W is probably Walter George H Protherough.

26.  Peacey, Stephens E and Stephens J are also commemorated on the Winchcombe Village War Memorial.

27.  Saunders is probably Edward Charles Sims Saunders.

28.  Sims H G is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

29.  Slee J W L is buried in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

30.  Slee T is buried in Osmondwall Cemetery, Orkney Islands.

31.  Smith E is most probably LCpl Ernest Herbert Smith.

32.  Smith W is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery and is also commemorated on the Coberley (St Giles Church) Roll of Honour.

33.  Stephens brothers are commemorated on the Winchcombe War Memorial and the Gretton War Memorial.

34.  Williams F (Cpl) is most probably Frank Williams of Oakland Cottage, Charlton Kings.

35.  Williams F is most probably Frank Andrew Williams of Mansfield Place, Charlton Kings.

36.  The following names which appear on this War Memorial do not listed on the St Mary’s Church Roll of Honour:  Attwood E, Bond A J H, Bond J H, Crooke E H, Crooke H N, Hayward G H, Uzzell F C, Wiggin D H, Wiggin N H, Williams F, Wills A H.

37.  The following names which are listed on the St Mary’s Church Roll of Honour are not commemorated on this War memorial:  Blunt F, Causon S, Hodson H, Sheepway D, Ross G, Simpson E, Smith A, Upstone C, White A, Willis H and Winstone A.

38.  War graves in Charlton Kings Cemetery can be viewed here.

39.  Commemorations in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard can be viewed here.

40.  Commemorations in Charlton Kings Cemetery can be viewed here.

41.  Charlton Kings (St Mary’s Church) War Memorial Tablet can be viewed here.

42.  Charlton Kings Working Mens Club Roll of Honour can be viewed here.

43.  Charlton Kings Baptist Church Roll of Honour can be seen here.

44.  All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.



War Memorial

Horsefair Street, Charlton Kings

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Ship/Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
ADDIS F J Frederick James 1964 LCpl 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 02-May-20 39 DOI Gloucester – UK Charlton Kings Cemetery CKC
ATTWOOD E Edward 299862 PO RN – HMS Meteor 24-Jan-15 32 KIA At sea – North Sea Immingham (St Andrews) CH   PE   HA
AYLAND J James Harold 36325 Pte 1st Bn Welsh Regt 25-May-15 21 KIA Bellewaarde Ridge – Aeroplane Cemetery CKC
                  Belgium Belgium  
BATES A Albert Edward 23817 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 17-May-17 21 A Bray – France Heath Cemetery  CH   CKC
                    Harbonnieres, France  
BATES W William Joshua 24732 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 17-Jul-16 26 KIA Bazentin – Somme, Thiepval Memorial CH   CKC
                  France France  
BILLINGS S W Samuel Walter 85 Pte 19th Bn Royal Fusiliers 03-Jan-16 36 DOW Bethune – France Bethune Cemetery, CH   CC   CKC
BLACK A Andrew James 1897 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 21-Jul-16 24 KIA Ovillers – Somme, Thiepval Memorial, CH   SS   CKC
                  France France  
BLOODWORTH E Edwin Walter 60173 Pte 24th Bn Welsh Regt 22-Apr-18 30 KIA Palestine Jerusalem Cemetery, CKC   CKW
BLOXSOME A Arthur Ernest 202719 Pte 2/4th Bn Glos Regt 27-Aug-17 23 KIA St Julien – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial, CKC
BLOXSOME W J James William 149284 Spr 117th Railway Coy RE 07-Aug-17 27 DOI Salonica Salonica (Lembet Road) CKC
BOND A J T Albert John Thomas 6647 Pte 1/20th Bn London Regt 16-Oct-16 19 KIA High Wood – France Thiepval Memorial, HA
BOOTH J C John Charles 203040 Sgt 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 16-Oct-17 25 KIA Mahiwa – East Africa Dar Es Salaam Memorial, GR   CKC
                    East Africa  
BOURNE S Samuel Bolton WR/269519 Spr Railways Operating Dept RE 17-Jul-18 35 DOI Bolougne – France Terlincthun Cemetery, CKC
BRACHER A V Albert Victor 38 Sgt 25th Bn Australian Inf 29-Jul-16 29 KIA Pozieres – France Villers-Bretonneux CKC
                    Memorial, France  
BRAZENER A Albert Charles Henry 4594 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 02-Nov-16 24 KIA Hamel – France Thiepval Memorial, CH   HA   SA   CKC
BRAZENER G George Edwin Arthur 100246 LCpl 168th Coy Labour Corps 28-Feb-19 31 DOI Amiens – France St Pierre Cemetery, CH   CKC
BRINKWORTH W Wilfred 9761 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 16-Feb-15 19 DOI Lillers – France Lillers Cemetery, HA   CKC
BROOKES H F Harry Frank 9825 Pte 17th Bn KRRC 08-Aug-16 21 KIA Les Choquaux –  Essex Farm Cemetery, CKC   CKB
                  Belgium Belgium  
BROWN W M William Matthias 12300 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 25-Oct-16 28 KIA Ancre Heights – France Thiepval Memorial. OD   CKC
BURROWS F Frederick Edward Harry 96339 Pte 3rd Bn Royal Fusiliers 04-Nov-18 33 KIA Sambre River – France Fontaine-au-Bois CH   CKC
                    Cemetery, France  
BUTLER H Harold Albert 49811 Dvr 27th Bde RFA 24-Aug-14 28 KIA Mons Canal – Belgium La Ferte-sous-Jouarre CKC
                    Memorial, France  
CHANDLER W J William Joseph 240670 Sgt 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 17-Aug-17 25 DOW Langemarck – Belgium Dozinghem Cemetery, HA   CKC
CHAPMAN G A George Ashley 540 Sgt 1st Bn Black Watch 31-Oct-14 23 KIA Gheluvelt – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial HA   CKC  CKW
CHERRINGTON T C Thomas Charles 138070 Pte 55th Bn Machine Gun Corps 23-Nov-18 19 A Lille – France Lille Cemetery, CKC   CKB
CHICK W Walter 1585 LCpl 1/13th Bn London Regt 09-May-15 26 KIA Fromelles – France Ploegsteert Memorial, SA   CKC
CLAPHAM C John Charles 28489 Rfn 1st Bn Rifle Brigade 18-Sep-18 31 DOW London – UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH   PA   SM   CKC
CLIFFORD W J William John 8055 Pte 1st Bn Bedford Regt 13-Oct-14 29 KIA La Bassee – France Le Touret Memorial, CKC
CLISSOLD G Gilbert John 23044 Pte 2nd Bn Wilts Regt 26-Mar-18 22 DOW Somme – France St Souplet Cemetery, SJS   CKC
COOMBE W William R/356950 Pte Remounts Depot ASC 11-May-18 42 DOI Shirehampton – UK Charlton Kings Cemetery CKC
COOMBEY T Thomas 13283 Sgt 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 30 KIA Loos – France Loos Memorial, France CKC
CREED T Thomas Edgar 9120 Sgt 9th Bn Lancs Fusiliers 18-Jul-16 23 DOI At Sea – Indian Ocean Basra Memorial, CH   CKC   CKB
CROOKE E H Elliott Hampden Capt 8th Bn Glos Regt 03-Jul-16 25 KIA La Boisselle  –  France Thiepval Memorial, CH   HA   COL
CROOKE H N Hugh Neville 2Lt 67th Fd Coy RE 10-Dec-16 19 KIA Beaumont Hamel  – Hamel Cemetery, CH   HA   COL
                  France France  
DAUBENEY G George Henry James Lt 2nd Bn Worcs Regt 26-Sep-15 28 KIA Cite St Elie  –  France Vermelles Cemetery, COL   CKC
DRAKE W H William Henry 6294 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 07-Nov-14 31 KIA Zillebeke – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial, CH   CKC
DUDFIELD E Ernest DUTFIELD 9790 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 31-Oct-18 23 DOI Mecklenburg –  Hamburg Cemetery, CKC
                  Germany Germany  
EAKETTS H W Harry Wilfred 17158 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 04-Apr-18 37 KIA Somme – France Pozieres Memorial, CKC
EDWARDS H Horace Maunder 565 CSM 16th Bn Royal Warks Regt 20-Apr-17 28 KIA Arras – France La Chaudiere Cemetery, CH   CC   GR   CKC
FAWCETT F Frank Aldridge 2Lt 1/5th Bn South Staffs Regt 01-Jul-16 19 KIA Gommecourt – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC
FOXWELL C H Charles Henry 49080 Pte 1/8th Bn Lancs Fusiliers 25-Sep-18 19 DOW Le Treport – France Mont Huon Cemetery, HA
FRENCH R Robert 238306 AB RN – HMS Defence 31-May-16 26 KIA At Sea – Jutland Plymouth Naval CKC
FRY C E S Charles Ernest Sydney 39697 Pte 1st Bn Wilts Regt 26-Apr-18 18 KIA Mount Kemmel –  Tyne Cot Memorial CKC
                  Belgium Belgium  
FRY T H Thomas Henry 50592 Pte 2nd Bn Royal Berks Regt 29-Apr-18 18 DOW Vignacourt – France Vignacourt Cemetery, GR   CKC
GAMMON T Edward Thomas 12330 Pte 4th Bn Worcs Regt 04-Dec-15 30 DOI Gallipoli Helles Memorial, CH   CKC
GARDNER J A James G/24701 Pte 6th Bn Royal West Kent Regt 20-Nov-17 20 KIA Cambrai – France Cambrai Memorial, CKC
GARDNER S Samuel Henry 5706 Pte 1/4th Bn Glos Regt 22-Aug-16 20 KIA Pozieres – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC   CKB
GRAY B J Beresford John 8015 Sgt 1st Bn Glos Regt 08-Sep-16 25 KIA High Wood, Somme –  Caterpillar Valley Cemetery CKC
                  France France  
GRAY E Ernest 13210 Cpl 9th Bn Glos Regt 05-Nov-16 24 KIA Doiran – Salonica Karasouli Cemetery, CH   PE   CKC
HALE F G Frederick George 24240 Pte 11th (Res) Bn Glos Regt 15-Jan-16 22 DOI Seaford – UK Seaford Cemetery, UK CH   CKC
HALL A J Arthur John 17007 Pte 10th Bn Worcs Regt 22-Mar-18 24 KIA Arras – France Arras Memorial, France CKC
HARRIS T W Thomas William 24733 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 03-Jul-16 30 KIA Ovillers la Boisselle – Thiepval Memorial, HA   CKC
                  France France  
HARVEY G E George Edward 18372 Pte 7th Bn Royal Fusiliers 21-Aug-18 34 KIA Albert – France AIF Burial Ground, Flers, CKC
HAWKINS A Archibald 3243 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 06-Jun-15 19 KIA Ploegsteert – Belgium Ploegsteert Cemetery, CH   CA   HA   GR   OD
                    Belgium CKC
HAWKINS R Reginald Lt 79 Sqn RAF 29-Jul-18 19 KIA St Omer – France Longuenesse Cemetery, CH   CA   HA   GR   CKC
HAYWARD G H George Henry 9782 Sgt 2nd Bn Royal Berks Regt 02-Dec-17 29 KIA Passchendaele –  Tyne Cot Memorial,  
                  Belgium Belgium  
HEBERDEN A C Arthur Clements 2Lt 6th (Res) att 2nd Bn KRRC 10-Jul-17 30 KIA Nieuport – Belgium Nieuport Memorial, CKC
HENNELL A S Arthur Samuel 339152 Gnr 1st Bde Canadian Fd Arty 20-Apr-18 33 DOW Halifax – Canada Halifax Cemetery, CKC
HODGSON E G Eric Godfrey 2Lt 40th Pathans Indian Army 22-May-15 23 DOW Boulogne – France Boulogne East Cemetery, CH   CKC
JAMES H Henry John 6166 Rfn 16th Bn Rifle Brigade 28-Sep-17 20 DOW Polygon Wood – Godewaersvelde Cemetery, CKC
                  Belgium France  
JEFFREY J James JEFFERY 24731 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 25-Feb-17 38 KIA Kut – Mesopotamia Basra Memorial, HA   CKC
JENNINGS F Frederick Charles 1257816 Gnr 4th Bde Canadian Fd Arty 27-Sep-18 25 KIA Cambrai – France Quarry Wood Cemetery, CKC
                    Sains-les-Marquion, France  
JONES C F Cyril Frederick Insall 5342 Rfn 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade 10-Mar-15 20 KIA Neuve Chapelle – Le Touret Memorial, CKC
                  France France  
JORDAN T Thomas Charles 23259 LCpl 8th Bn Glos Regt 28-Mar-18 21 KIA Flesquieres – France Arras Memorial, France CH   CKC
KING A T Alfred Tom M2/077535 Pte MT Depot ASC 22-Oct-18 31 DOI UK Charlton Kings Cemetery CKC
KNIGHT T Thomas 11676 Pte 8th Bn Leics Regt 25-Sep-16 26 KIA Guedecourt – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC
LAWRENCE A J Arthur James 23806 LCpl 7th Bn Glos Regt 22-Dec-16 29 DOW Kut – Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery, CKC
LOVESY F J Frederick John 17185 Sgt 9th Bn Glos Regt 10-May-17 26 DOW Sarigol – Salonica Sarigol Cemetery, CKC   CKB
MATTHEWS M Mervyn Lt Royal Engineers 28-Jan-15 21 DOW London – UK Charlton Kings Cemetery HA   CKC
MAYO A E Albert Edward 22311 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 13-Jan-17 27 KIA Kut – Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery, CKC
NEWBURY E M Edward Mortimer 7922 Tpr Westminster Dragoons 31-Oct-17 22 KIA Beersheba – Palestine Beersheba War Cemetery, CH   PJ   CKC
NEWCOMBE A Arthur Edward WR/295660 Spr 117th Railway Coy RE 24-Dec-18 29 DOI Cheltenham – UK Cheltenham Cemetery CKC
NEWCOMBE  L R Leslie Robert 16673 Pte 7th Bn Canadian Inf 07-Mar-19 24 DOI Liege – Belgium Liege Cemetery, CKC
PEACEY H Howard George 2100 Sgt Royal Glos Hussars 23-Apr-16 27 KIA Qatia – Palestine Jerusalem Memorial, CKC
PHILLOTT C G R Charles George Rodney Lt RN – HM Submarine E6 26-Dec-15 24 KIA At Sea – North Sea Portsmouth Naval CH   CKC
PRICE A J Albert John 91856 Sgt 331st Siege Bty RGA 30-Apr-18 31 DOW Le Treport – France Mont Huon Cemetery, GR   CKC
PROTHEROUGH W H Walter George H 24225 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 03-Jul-16 20 KIA Ovillers – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC
ROBERTS A Archer Edward 6211 Rfn 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade 24-Oct-16 19 KIA Lesbouefs – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC
ROBINS E E Edward Ernest 22173 Sgt 7th Bn Glos Regt 29-Nov-15 39 DOW Sulva Bay – Gallipoli Sulva Bay Cemetery, CH   CKC
ROGERSON V Vernon 2249 Pte 24th Bn Australian Inf 06-Aug-16 22 KIA Pozieres – France Villers-Bretonneux CKC
                    Memorial, France  
RUCK W Wilfred George 19201 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 30-Sep-18 21 KIA Erquinghem – France Laventie Cemetery, CH   CKC   CKB
SAUNDERS C Edward Charles Sims 240723 LCpl 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 16-Aug-17 32 KIA Langemarck – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial, CKC
SEALEY E J Ernest James 267509 Pte 12th Bn Glos Regt 25-Apr-18 34 KIA Merville – France Merville Cemetery, CKC
SHILLUM E Edwin Thomas 17313 Pte 9th Bn Glos Regt 27-Oct-18 23 KIA Selle River – France Le Cateau Cemetery, CKC
SIMS H G Henry Greatorex 12251 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 26-Sep-16 22 DOW Cambridge – UK Charlton Kings Cemetery CH   OD   CKC
SIMS W A                    
SLEE J W L John William Lance TR/7/27549 Pte 51st (YS) Bn Royal Warks Regt 24-Oct-18 18 DOI Norwich – UK Charlton Kings Cemetery CKC
SLEE T Thomas 185983 AB RN – HMS Fury 28-Nov-14 34 A UK – Orkney islands Osmondwall Cemetery, CKC
                    Orkney Islands, UK  
SMITH A E Arthur Edward 43667 LCpl 165th Coy Machine Gun Corps 01-Aug-17 21 KIA Pilckem Ridge – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial, CKC   CKB
SMITH E Ernest Herbert 13234 LCpl 18th Bn Kings Royal 26-Feb-20 20 DOI Cologne – Germany Cologne (Southern) CKC
          Rifle Corps         Cemetery, Germany  
SMITH F Frederick 3622 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 34 KIA Loos – France Loos Memorial, CH   SG   CKC
SMITH H C Henry Crozier 442483 Pte 54th Bn Canadian Inf 28-Nov-16 45 DOW Etaples – France Etaples Cemetery, CKC
SMITH R F Raymond Frederick 34219 Pte 8th Bn Loyal North Lancs Regt 04-Aug-17 19 KIA Pilckem Ridge – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial, CKC
SMITH W William James 1882 Cpl 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 18-Feb-15 37 DOI Cheltenham – UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH   JN   CKC
STEPHENS E W Edgar William 13631 Sgt 10th Bn Glos Regt 20-Apr-16 24 KIA Maroc -France St Patrick’s Cemetery, CKC
STEPHENS J Job 25742 Pte 14th Bn Worcs Regt 03-Sep-17 19 KIA Arras – France Beehive Cemetery, CKC
TASKER W R William Robert 242348 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 04-Dec-17 31 KIA Gonnelieu – France Cambrai Memorial, CKC
TAYLOR J Jack 21843 Pte 2nd Bn Bedford Regt 22-Mar-18 18 KIA St Quentin – France Pozieres Memorial, CH   PE   CKC
THOMPSON F Frederick Francis Charles 10135 Pte 2nd Bn York & Lancs Regt 23-Oct-14 20 DOW Fleurbaix – France Ploegsteert Memorial, CKC
TURNER W H William Henry 100106 Pte 31st Bn Canadian Inf 08-Nov-17 21 DOW Lijssenthoek – Belgium Lijssenthoek Cemetery, CKC
UZZELL C Francis Claude 2Lt 2/5th Bn Royal Warks Regt 03-Feb-18 21 DOW Ham – France Ham British Cemetery, CH   HA   CKC
VILLAR R H Reginald Hewer 2432 Pte 1/6th Bn Glos Regt 09-Oct-17 35 KIA Poelcappelle – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial CH   COL   CKC
VINER W F Wilfred Francis Cyril 87190 Gnr 99th Bde RFA 14-Dec-18 20 DOI Mikra – Salonica Mikra British Cemetery, CKC
WAKEFIELD A Albert Henry 17454 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 30-Jul-16 22 KIA High Wood – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC
WAKEFIELD F Frank Edward 7409 Pte 91st Coy Machine Gun Corps  15-Jul-16 27 DOW Somme – France Thiepval Memorial, CKC