St Mark’s Church, Cheltenham, War Memorial

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Roll of Honour Reredos

St Mark’s Church, Cheltenham


Location:   Church Road,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:   SO 928220

Unveiled:   28th January 1920

Names on this Roll of Honour Reredos:   34

Last Visited:   July 2009

Imperial War Museum War Memorial Ref:   In due course

  Copyright:  Allan D James, 2009

Inscriptions on the Left of this War Memorial:   This Screen Is Erected To The Memory Of Those Men Of This Parish Who Died For King And Country In The Great War 1914 – 1918.

Inscriptions on the Right of this War Memorial:   As A Thankoffering To Almighty God For The Victory Vouchsafed To Our Forces And Those Of Our Allies

Inscriptions above this War Memorial:   They Died For Us

Alphabetical list of names on this Roll of Honour Reredos

Beach W

Beesley J   *

Carey G W

Challenger A E

Cook R   *

Foster C

Godwin V

Griffin E F

Hall C

Hall W H

Harrison C C   *

Harrison M C   *

Jarvis W F

Joynes J

Long F T

Lys E C   *

Marshall H

Mead H E

McCormack E   *

Newman F J

Pearce N A

Peart H

Peart W

Perry A

Perry G

Raven H E

Savage F

Stephens S T

Stevens G E

Thomas H G   *

Tombs R

Wells S C

Willoughby E C   *

Workman R

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name in the panel below.

Full details of those named on the War Memorial can be viewed at the foot of this page.


1.   Beesley is buried in Badgeworth (Holy Trinity) Churchyard.

2.   Cook is probably Albert Reginald Cook who is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Harrison brothers are commemorated on a plaque in St Stephen’s Church and on the grave of their parents in Cheltenham Cemetery.

4.   Lys is probably Charles Edward Lyes.

5.   McCormack is probably Edward McCormick who is commemorated on a family grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

6.   Thomas is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Cheltenham Cemetery.

7.   Willoughby is commemorated on the grave of his father in Charlton Kings Cemetery.

8.   All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.




Roll of Honour Reredos

St Mark’s Church, Church Road, Cheltenham

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
BEACH W William George 216952 LS RN – HMS Indefatigable 31-May-16 29 KIA At Sea – Jutland Plymouth Naval Memorial CH   BA
BEESLEY J Jeffery TR/7/10107 Pte 94th Trg Res Bn 07-Apr-17 18 DOI UK – Chiseldon Badgeworth (Holy Trinity) CH   BA
CAREY G W George William 11731 Pte 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards 08-May-15 22 DOW France – CCS at Bethune Town Cemetery CH
                  Bethune (IV.B.81)  
CHALLENGER A E Arthur Estwick 2629 LCpl 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 23-Jul-16 21 DOW France – Military Hospital St Sever Cemetery, Rouen CH
                  at Rouen (A.13.46)  
COOK R Albert Reginald 2777 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 21-Mar-16 21 DOI UK – Cheltenham Cheltenham Cemetery CH
FOSTER C Charles 45520 Pte 1/7th Bn Essex Regt 17-Jul-18 34 DOI Egypt – Alexandria Hadra War Cemetery, CH   WE   GR
                    Alexandria,  (A.232)  
GODWIN V Victor Charles 1990 Pte 1st RM Bn RMLI 27-Sep-18 20 DOW France – Doinges Louveral Military Cemetery CH
GRIFFIN E F Ernest Frederick 31427 Pte 8th Bn Devon Regt 27-Oct-18 20 KIA Italy – River Piave Tezze Cemetery, Vazzola, CH   PE   JN
HALL C Charles 25992 Pte 2nd Bn Durham LI 08-Jun-17 27 KIA France – NW of Lens Philosophe Cemetery, Mazingarbe, CH
HALL W H William Henry 4491 Sgt 3rd Dragoon Guards 17-Nov-14 34 KIA Belgium – Ypres Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, CH   PE
                    Panel 3)  
HARRISON C C Cyril Cazelet Lt 3rd Bn Worcs Regt 19-Sep-14 23 KIA France – Aisne Heights La Ferte-sous-Jouarre CH   CC   SS
HARRISON M C Maurice Cazelet Capt 1st Bn Royal Warks Regt 12-Oct-16 22 KIA France – Le Transloy Thiepval Memorial, CH   CC   SS
                    (Pier and Face 9A and 9B) (MC)
JARVIS W F William Frederick 8623 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 25-Jul-16 27 KIA France – Pozieres Ridge Thiepval Memorial, CH   ST
                    (Pier and Face 5A and 5B)  
JOYNES J James 239150 Spr 262nd Railway Coy RE 14-Nov-17 42 DOW Belgium – CCS at Brandhoek New Military CH
                  Brandhoek, W of Ypres Cemetery No 3 (II.N.12)  
LONG F Frank Thomas 13675 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 27 KIA France – Loos Loos Memorial,  CH   GO
                    (Panel 60 to 64)  
LYS C E Charles Edward LYES 2879 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 09-May-15 39 KIA France – Ferme du Bois Le Touret Memorial, CH   HT
                    (Panel 17)  
MARSHALL H Harry Alfred 240925 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 24-Oct-18 23 POW Germany – Niederbuhl, Rastatt, Niederzwehren Cemetery, CH
                  SW of Karlsruhe (II.H.13)  
MEAD H E Harry Edward 37398 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 03-Sep-18 24 DOW France – Aire-sur-Lys Aire Communal Cemetery, CK   MKM
McCORMACK E Edward McCORMICK 11985 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 30-Aug-16   KIA France – Mametz Wood Thiepval Memorial, CH   SG
NEWMAN F J Frederick James 41999 Pte 2nd Bn Yorks Regt 29-Sep-18 21 DOW France – Duisans Duisans Cemetery, CH
PEARCE N A Nathaniel Arthur Lt 4th Bn Grenadier Guards 25-Nov-17 21 KIA France – Bourlon Wood Trescault Cemetery, CH
PEART H Harry 105458 Pte 5th Bn Canadian Inf 26-Sep-16 35 KIA France – Courcelette Courcelette Cemetery, CH
PEART W William Arthur 16448 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 13-Oct-15 23 KIA France – La Bassee Loos Memorial, France CH
PERRY A Alfred 18477 LCpl 1st Bn South Wales Borderers 25-Jul-16 30 DOW France – Puchevillers Puchevillers Cemetery, CH
PERRY G George 16988 Cpl 1st Bn Worcs Regt 01-Sep-16 28 KIA France – Vermelles Vermelles Cemetery, CH
RAVEN H E Henry Edward 13222 Cpl 10th Bn Glos Regt 27-Sep-15 26 DOW France – Noeux Les Mines Noeux Les Mines Cemetery, CH
SAVAGE F Frank 41899 Pte 3rd Bn Worcs Regt 27-May-18 19 KIA France – Concevreux Soissons Memorial, CH
STEPHENS S T Sidney Thomas 23867 Pte 1st Bn Royal West Kent Regt 08-Feb-17 21 DOW France – Bethune Bethune Town Cemetery, CH
STEVENS G E George Ernest 10314 Cpl 7th Bn Glos Regt 21-Jul-15 29 DOW Gallipoli – Sotiri Farm Pink Farm Cemetery, CH   ST
THOMAS H G Hugh Gareth 2Lt 8th Bn Glos Regt 30-Jul-16 23 KIA France – Bazentin-le-Petit Thiepval Memorial, CH   CC
TOMBS R Ralph 124 LCpl 1st Bn Welsh Guards 05-Oct-15 27 DOW France – Bethune Choques Military Cemetery, CH
WELLS S C Sydney Charles 307461 Pte 2/7th Bn Royal Warks Regt 24-Mar-18 37 KIA France – St Quentin Pozieres Memorial, CH   LU
WILLOUGHBY E C Edwin Charles Capt 7th Bn Glos Regt 08-Aug-15 34 KIA Gallipoli – Chunuk Bair Helles Memorial, Turkey CH   CK   CKC   COL
WORKMAN R Richard 17262 Pte 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards 25-Sep-16 23 DOW France – Les Boeufs Bonfray Farm Cemetery, CH







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