Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving with the Kings Liverpool Regiment

Cheltonians Who Died in the Great War

 Whilst Serving With The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)

Ref Name Rank Number Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 BYARD Francis Spencer LCpl 88607 12th Battalion 24th March 1918 DOW FR 30 CH  PA  WE  HT  SM
2 MATHER Ellis Pte 15237 17th Battalion 11th July 1916 KIA FR 25 CH   CC   COL
3 MATHER Robert 2Lt 20th Battalion 27th March 1918 KIA FR 22 CH   CC   COL
4 THOMSON Aubrey Lloyd St Clair Capt 1st Battalion 14th November 1917 DOW UK 26 SS
5 THOMSON George Frederick Maynard 2Lt 11th Battalion 19th May 1917 DOW FR 22 SS
6 THORPE Herbert Gordon Lt 1st Battalion 24th March 1918 KIA FR 22 CH   MKM


1.   The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) involvement in the Great War can beviewed here.


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