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   Empire and Allied War Graves of the Great War

In Cheltenham Cemetery



Within the grounds of Cheltenham Cemetery is a small plot, pictured above, which contains the war graves of 10 Australian soldiers.   Nine of the graves are marked with a Commonwealth War Grave Commission headstone, and the other has a civilian type headstone. These soldiers are Callaghan, Fenton, Jerrom, Johnson, Penketh, Resso, Stevens, Turner, Vale and Warren.   Vale is a native Cheltonian.


The plot is always well tended.


   List of Empire and Allied War Graves of the Great War

In Cheltenham Cemetery (With Grave Reference)


CALLAGHAN Albert Ross – Australian (M/9223)

CAYER Odilon – Canadian (E/7258)

FENTON Joshua Haddon – Australian (M/9162)

JERROM W R – Australian (M/9224)

JOHNSON Walter Richmond – Australian (M/9222)

McCUTCHEON George Frederick – Canadian (A1/975)


PENKETH Percy James – Australian (M/9287)

RESSO Robert William – Australian (N/9285)

STEVENS Andrew Williams – Australian (M/9225)

TURNER Sydney George – Australian (M/9161)

VALE Hubert Chamberlain – Australian (M/9286)

WARREN James – Australian (M/9160)



Private Odilon CAYER, 448488, 22nd Battalion Canadian Infantry (French Canadian), is buried in Plot E.7258.

He was wounded during the Battle of the Ancre Heights in early November 1916 during attacks made by the Canadian 5th Infantry Brigade/2nd Canadian Division in the Regina Trench area.

Pte Cayer was evacuated to the UK for medical treatment and whilst at a VAD Hospital in Cheltenham he succumbed to his wounds on 12th November 1916.   He was 24 years old.

His parents, Samuel and Marie Cayer, resided at Dosquet in the region of Lotbiniere, Quebec.


Pte George Frederick Wilson McCUTCHEON, 1018120, 5th Battalion Canadian Infantry (Western Cavalry) is buried in Plot A1.975.

He died of illness on 20th December 1918 at a VAD Hospital in Cheltenham.

His parents, John and Mary McCutcheonresided at Lacombe, Alberta.

The inscription on his headstone reads “The Battle’s Fought, The Victory Won, and Thou Art Crowned At Last”.






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