Chatteris War Memorial

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Chatteris War Memorial


Location:  St Peter’s Church, Chatteris, Cambs

Grid Reference:

Unveiled:   1st October 1920

Cheltonians listed on this War Memorial:   1

Visited:   28th February 2004

Imperial War Museum War Memorials Ref:   3511

© Terry Hissey (WMR-3511)

Inscriptions on this War Memorial:   To The Undying Memory Of The Chatteris Men Who Gave TheirLives In The Great Wars 1914 – 1918    1939 – 1945

“Cheltonians” commemorated on this War Memorial

Captain (Chaplain 4th Class) William Henry Heading, Army Chaplains Department, died of illness on 21st November 1918, is commemorated on theCheltenham War Memorial (in the name of Hending) and he is remembered on a commemorative plaque in Leckhampton Baptist Church.   He is buried in Chatteris Cemetery.




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