Bishops Cleeve War Memorial


   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Bishops Cleeve War Memorial

Location:   Church Road, Bishops Cleeve

Grid Reference:   SO 961277

Unveiled:  25th September 1919

Names listed on this War Memorial:   55

Last Visited:   15th September 2018

Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register Number:   20785

Further information from GlosGen can be viewed here.

The War Memorial was rededicated at a special ceremony on Sunday 2nd September 2018.   The ceremony, which included the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, was conducted ahead of the village’s event to mark the centenary of the Armistice on 11th November 2018.


The cross at the top of the Memorial has been replaced, and below this there is a new shaft, which has made the structure around twice as tall.  A photo of the refurbished Memorial is below – compare with the photo of the Memorial with the short shaft (and compare with the photo at the bottom of the page showing the original shaft).


The project was driven by the Bishop’s Cleeve parish Council, costing around £12,000.


  Copyright:  Allan D James, 15th September 2018


  Copyright:  Allan D James, 2018

Inscriptions on this War Memorial:   To the greater glory of God and in loving memory of those men who laid down their lives in the Great War.   May they rest in peace.

Alphabetical list of names inscribed on this War Memorial

Aldridge G  *

Aston E

Bailey D

Barnes H

Barnes R

Barnett L  *

Bridges G

Burnett C

Chandler R  *

Church W

Clark G

Coombes W

Coupland-Smith V

Draper P

Eager D

Eager F

East W

Etheridge W

Gilder G

Goodall J

Goring J

Hall E

Hamblin R

Holder A

Holder R

Hopcraft Paul

Hopcraft Peter

Kingston C

Kitchen W

Knight W

Large G  *

Large W  *

Lewis E  *

Lloyd T

Long W

Mansell D

Mansell L

Merrett H  *

Norris R

Oakey H

Page D  *

Pearce H

Pitman S  *

Price J

Price P  *

Robbins R

Robinson R  *

Shipway C

Simpson A

Smith E

Stephenson E  *

Surman L

Tarling R

Webb F

Windiate B

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below.

Full service details of those named on the War Memorial can be seen at the foot of this page.


1.   Aldridge is commemorated on the family grave in the Bishop’s Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard.

2.   Barnett is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Chandler is commemorated on the Woolstone (St Martin’s Church) Roll of Honour.

4.   Large G is commemorated on the family grave in Bishop’s Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard.

5.   Large W died of illness in Canada on 23rd October 1921 and is buried in Saskatchewan.

6.   Lewis E is probably John Edward Lewis.

7.   Merrett is buried in Bishops Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard.

8.   Page is buried in Bishops Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard.

9.   Pitman is buried in Bishops Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard.

10.  Price P is probably Alfred Percy Price.

11.  Robinson is most probably George Robinson known as Dick.   He is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

12.  Stephenson E is probably Bernard Ernest Stephenson.

13.  All those listed on the Southam and Cleeve Hill War Memorial are commemorated on this memorial.

14.  All those on the Cleeve Hill (St Peter’s Church) Roll of Honour are listed on this memorial.

15.  In St Michael’s Church there is a Roll of Honour which lists all local men who served in the Great War.

16.  Commemoration in Bishop’s Cleeve (St Michael’s) Churchyard can be found here.

17.  All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.



Bishop’s Cleeve War Memorial

Church Road, Bishops Cleeve, Glos

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Ship/Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
ALDRIDGE George William George 28041 Pte 14th Bn R Warks Regt 27-Sep-18 28 KIA France – SW of Cambrai Vis-en-Artois Memorial,  
ASTON Ernest Ernest 9274 LCpl 1st Bn Glos Regt 30-Nov-16 32 KIA France – Warlencourt Thiepval Memorial,  
BAILEY Donald Donald William 2Lt 1st Bn Glos Regt 04-Oct-17 23 KIA Belgium – Broodseinde Tyne Cot Cemetery, SO  CL
BARNES Henry Henry Thomas 266870 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 02-Nov-18 34 DOW France – Boulogne Terlincthun Cemetery, SO  GO  CL
BARNES Raymond Raymond Edward R/15595 Rfn 8th Bn KRRC 21-Mar-16 19 DOW France – Doullens Doullens Cemetery, SO   GO
BARNETT Lionel Lionel Lt 6th Bn Yorks Regt 06-Feb-17 24 A UK – Whitchurch Cheltenham Cemetery CH  LU  SO  CL
BRIDGES George Albert George 2301 Cpl 2nd Bn Glos Regt 01-Oct-16 20 DOW Salonika – Karadzadov-Bala Lahana Cemetery, GO
BURNETT Charles William Charles 202522 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 05-Aug-17 22 KIA Belgium – Kemmel Menin Gate Memorial, CH
CHANDLER Ralph Ralph 3809 Pte 2nd Bn Warks Regt 23-Apr-16 25 KIA France – Fricourt Citadel Cemetery, CH   
CHURCH William William Edward 103321 Pte 15th Bn Sherwood 22-Apr-18 18 KIA France – Bapaume Pozieres Memorial CH  GO  AS
          Foresters         France  
CLARK George George Gilbert 203758 Pte 7th Bn Somerset LI 30-Nov-17 27 KIA France – Cambrai Cambrai Memorial  
COOMBES Wilfred Wilfred James 241526 Pte 14th Bn Glos Regt 21-Oct-17 20 KIA Belgium – Passchendaele Tyne Cot Memorial CH  SO  CL
COUPLAND-SMITH Vyvyan Frederick Vyvyan Lt 173rd Bde RFA 02-Jul-17 21 KIA Belgium – Ypres Lone Tree Cemetery SO  CL
DRAPER Ralph Ralph Piercy 13348 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 13-Oct-15 19 KIA France – Hulluch Loos Memorial  PJ
EAGAR Denis Denis Godfrey 2Lt 160th Bde RFA 28-Sep-18 19 KIA Belgium – Ypres Tyne Cot Memorial CH  AS
EAGAR Francis Francis Russell 2Lt 33rd Bde RFA 09-May-15 21 KIA France – Fleurbaix Rue Petillon Cemetery CH  AS
EAST William William John 24603 Pte 7th Bn Royal West 01-Jun-17 25 KIA France – Cerisey Fontaine Arras Memorial  
          Kent Regt         France  
ETHERIDGE William William 202762 Sgt 1st Bn Royal Scots 28-Mar-18 NK KIA France – Arras Arras Memorial  
          Fusiliers         France  
GILDER George George Richard PLY/780(S) Pte RMLI – Deal Bn RND 13-Jul-15 24 KIA Gallipoli – Achi Baba Helles Memorial SO  CL
GOODALL John John Astley 16195 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 13-Oct-15 22 KIA France – Hulluch Loos Memorial  SO  CL
GORING John John Lawrence 9155 Pte 1st Royal Dragoons 21-Nov-15 24 DOW Belgium – Ypres Lijssenthoek Cemetery  
HALL Ernest Ernest Albert 39153 Pte 1/4th Bn Leics Regt 23-Mar-18 30 DOW France – Chocques Choques Cemetery CH  HT
HAMBLIN Robert Robert 21756 Pte 4th Bn Grenadier Guards 02-Feb-16 25 DOW France – Calais Calais Cemetery  
HOLDER Albert Arthur William 266814 Pte 14th Bn Glos Regt 21-Oct-17 21 KIA Belgium – Passchendaele Tyne Cot Memorial  
HOLDER Reginald Reginald Charles 41011 Pte 2/7th Bn R Warks Regt 18-May-18 18 DOW France – Aire Sur Lys Aire Cemetery SO  CL
HOPCRAFT Peter Peter Lt 79 Sqn RAF 28-Oct-18 19 KIA France – Vosges Charmes Cemetery SO  CL
HOPCRAFT Paul George Paul Mids RN – HMS Queen Mary 31-May-16 16 KIA At Sea – Jutland Portsmouth Naval SO  CL
KINGSTON Charles Charles Robert Miles 16276 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 04-Apr-16 36 KIA France – Maroc Maroc Cemetery CH
KITCHEN William William Henry Jubilee 8216 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 01-Nov-14 27 KIA Belgium – Gheluvelt Hagle Dump Cemetery  
KNIGHT William William 2306 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 07-Dec-15 21 DOI Greece – Lemnos Portianos Cemetery PA   GO
LARGE George George Frederick 105351 Pte PPCLI  30-Oct-17 26 KIA Belgium – Passchendaele Passchendaele Cemetery SO  CL
LARGE William William 105352 Pte PPCLI  23-Oct-21 36 DOI Canada – Saskatchewan Canada –  
LEWIS John John Edward 161892 Gnr 161st Hy Bty RFA 31-Aug-18 27 DOW France – Foucaucourt Foucaucourt Cemetery  
LLOYD Thomas Thomas David 29329 Pte 14th Bn Glos Regt 23-Mar-18 35 KIA France – Bois de Hallot Chauny Cemetery CH   PA   SM   OD
LONG William William James 109986 Gnr 227th Siege Bty RGA 03-Jul-17 35 DOW France – Steenwerck Trois Arbres Cemetery GO
MANSELL Leigh Leigh 13327 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 23-Oct-18 30 KIA France – Les Fourrieres Vis-en-Artois Memorial  
MANSELL Daniel William Daniel 9142 Cpl 2nd Bn Glos Regt 23-Sep-18 28 KIA Salonica – Doiran Bralo Cemetery  
MERRETT Henry Henry Fielder 74498 LCpl 29th Coy MGC 02-Oct-19 33 DOI UK – Bishops Cleeve Bishops Cleeve  
NORRIS Reginald Reginald Charles 13035 Cpl 9th Bn Glos Regt 04-Oct-16 25 KIA Salonica – Doiran Karasouli Cemetery LU   CA   GO
OAKEY Harry Harry M2/176874 Pte Army Service Corps 03-Nov-18 31 D Germany as POW Cologne Cemetery GO
PAGE Donald Donald 24817 Pte 2nd Works Coy Wilts Regt 09-Jul-16 38 DOI UK – Hilsea Bishops Cleeve  
PEARCE Harold Harold Wilfred 440770 Sgt 5th Bn Canadian Inf 18-Jul-17 27 DOW France – Bethune Noeux-les-Mines CH   AS   SO
                    Cemetery, France  
PITMAN Sidney Sidney 92142 Cpl Depot Royal Engineers 27-Jan-19 22 DOI UK – Aldershot Bishops Cleeve GO
PRICE Percy Alfred Percy 12103 Pte 18th Bn Glos Regt 11-Sep-18 29 KIA France – Bethune Sailly Labourse CH
                    Cemetery, France  
PRICE John John 7752 Rfn 1/12th Bn London Regt 09-Sep-16 NK KIA France – Delville Wood Delville Wood Cemetery  
ROBBINS Richard Richard Insall 22343 Pte 1st Bn Grenadier Guards 30-Apr-18 23 KIA France – Somme Bienvillers Cemetery  
ROBINSON  R George (Dick) T/291142 Dvr RASC Clearing Depot 27-Feb-19 37 DOI UK – Cheltenham Cheltenham Borough SO   CL
SHIPWAY Charles Edwin Charles 29299 Pte 6th Bn Somerset LI 16-Jul-18 20 KIA France – Somme Chauny Cemetery  
SIMPSON Alex                    
SMITH Edward Edward 13369 LSgt 10th Bn Glos Regt 05-May-17 19 DOW France – Chuignolles Bray Military Cemetery SO   CL
STEPHENSON Ernest Bernard Ernest 12238 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 08-Aug-15 NK KIA Gallipoli – Chunuk Bair Helles Memorial SO   CL
SURMAN Leslie Leslie Howard 40549 Sgt 4th Bn Worcs Regt 14-Oct-18 21 KIA Belgium – Ledeghem Ledeghen Cemetery SO   GR   CL
                    Belgium MM and Bar
TARLING Richard Richard 17868 LSgt 13th Bn Glos Regt 30-Jun-16 41 KIA France – Richebourg L’Avoue Loos Memorial GO
WEBB Francis Francis Herbert 12159 Pte 14th Bn Glos Regt 24-May-18 25 DOW France – Rouen St Sever Cemetery  
WINDIATE Bert Bertram Frank 128333 Pte 61st Bn MGC 29-Oct-18 20 KIA France – River Sambre Romeries Cemetery CH







Compare this photo, taken in the early fifties at the original location of the War Memorial at the junction of Church Road and Evesham Road, with the upper images of the War Memorial.  

The cross is atop a much longer shaft than in lower of the photos above.

It is believed that when the War Memorial was moved to its present location the Army, who were called in to move it, were a little over-zealous (or careless) and managed to break the shaft.





Page last updated: 15th September 2018


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