Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving With The Labour Corps

Cheltonians Who Died In The Great War

 Whilst Serving With The Labour Corps

Ref Name Rank Number Unit and Previous Regt/Corps Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 ARNOLD George Pte 44441 75 Coy    (Liverpool Regt) 8th August 1917 DOW BE 34 CH  HT
2 BARNETT Edward William Pte 173147 315 Home Service Coy   (Glos Regt) 22nd October 1918 DOI UK 23 CH
3 BRAZENER George Edwin Arthur Pte 100246 168 Coy   (Devon Regt) 28th February 1919 DOI FR 31 CH   CK   CKC
4 COUSINS Thomas Frederick Pte 90729 659 Employment Coy   (Devon Regt) 27th June 1918 DOI FR 26 CH   PE   SM
5 CREED William Charles Pte 4090 648 Labour Coy   (Glos Regt) 7th December 1918 DOI UK PE
6 CROWTHER Charles William Sgt 708395 Chinese Labour Corps  (Welsh Regt) 11th December 1920 DOI UK 41 SM
7 FISHER Evelyn Vernon Randolph Pte 104559 175 Coy   (Devon Regt) 20th February 1918 DOI UK 34 CH   AS   PJ
8 GOULDING Austin John Bert Pte 140585 659 Employment Coy   (Glos Regt) 22nd September 1918 DOI UK 33 CH   CC
9 HALL Mark William Pte 144796 3 Labour Bn   (Devon Regt) 31st July 1917 DOI UK 19 CH
10 HALLING Henry Francis Pte 83630 140 Coy   (Northants Regt) 19th October 1918 DOI BE 44 CH   PE
11 HART Charles Richard Pte 596625 Not known Not known CH   PA   PE   (Note 2)
12 HUMPHRIES William Charles Pte 641051 Not known   (Glos Regt) 21st January 1921 DOI UK 24 CH   BE
13 JORDAN William Henry Cpl 246112 440 Agricultural Coy   (Glos Regt) 5th November 1918 DOI UK 28 CH
14 NUNNEY Harry Victor Cripps Pte 43528 73 Coy   (Liverpool Regt) Not known . BA       (Note 3)
15 PAGE John Pte 102314 171 Coy   (Glos Regt) 7th October 1917 KIA BE . CH  AS  HT  HTS
16 PARKER George Frederick Pte 101147 169 Coy   (Devon Regt) 18th July 1917 DOW FR 35 CH   PR   PRC   
17 RALPH Harold Edgar Pte 102355 171 Coy   (Devon Regt) 15th April 1918 KIA FR 25 CH   CC
18 SHEEN Michael Pte 292296 704 Coy   (RE) 8th October 1918 DOW FR 44 CH   PE
19 STRACHAN Albert 2Lt att Chinese Labour Corps   (Spec List) 30th October 1918


UK 33 CH   SS


1.   The Labour Corps involvement in the Great War can be viewed here.

2.   HART’s death and burial details have yet to be confirmed.

3.   NUNNEY died in Gloucester in Q1 – 1971.

Official Headstones Provided for Labour Corps Soldiers.


Army Council Instruction (ACI) 68 of 1919 stated:


1.   It has been decided that the memorial erected to the memory of any member of the Labour Corps who dies whilst serving in that Corps and who has previously served in any other unit, should record his connection with his previous regiment.


2.   In future, therefore, in the inscription to be placed on the headstone or temporary wooden cross, the deceased’s previous regiment will be recorded, and he will not be shown as having belonged to the Labour Corps.


3.   Before any inscription is recorded, reference will be made to the Officer i/c Labour Corps Records to ascertain the previous regiment in which the deceased served, and that regiment and his regimental number therein will be inscribed on the headstone or temporary cross.


4.   If a man has served in more than one unit, the one in which he last served previous to transfer to the Labour Corps will be selected as his regiment.   No alteration need to be made on temporary wooden crosses already erected, but care will be taken that all permanent headstones are properly inscribed.   In theatres of war it may not be possible to ascertain at once the deceased’s previous regiment and in such cases there is no objection to the title Labour Corps being used as a temporary means of record.


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