Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving in the Royal West Surrey Regiment

Cheltonians Who Died in The Great War

 Whilst Serving With The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment

Ref Name Rank Number Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 BIRD John Greville Hobart Lt 2nd Battalion 25th October 1914 KIA FR 25 SS
2 HADDON-SMITH Walter Basil Capt 2nd Battalion 16th May 1915 KIA FR 35 CH
3 JACKSON Sidney George Henry LCpl 242073 7th Battalion 14th October 1917 KIA BE 23 CH   PA
4 MAISEY Alfred George 2Lt 6th Battalion 12th May 1917 KIA FR 24 CH   AS
5 MOSS Harry Leslie Pte L/9431 1st Battalion 31st October 1914 KIA BE 24 PE
6 MOULDER Wilfred Ernest Pte G/18703 1st Battalion 23rd April 1917 KIA FR 28 CH  LK  LKC
7 RANSOM George Edward Pte L/8961 2nd Battalion 7th November 1914 KIA BE 27 CH   PA
8 WHITTINGHAM Frederick John Pte 18356 2nd Battalion 1st November 1914 DOW BE 23 CH   AS

Note :

1.   The Queens Regiment involvement in the Great War can beviewed here.


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