All Saints Church War Memorial, Cheltenham


   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



War Memorial

All Saints Church, Cheltenham


Location:   All Saints Road,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:   SO 956227

Unveiled:   10th June 1920

Names listed on this War Memorial:   103

Date Last Visited:   31st July 2012

Imperial War Museum WM Reference:   20663



Inscription on the Calvary:   To The Glory Of God And In Loving Memory Of Those Connected With This Parish Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice For Their Country In The Great War 1914 – 1919.   Grant Them O Lord Eternal Rest And Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Them


Parchment Roll of Honour Within the Church

Inscription on the parchment Roll of Honour in the Church:   In Memory of those connected with All Saints who died for their Country in the Great War 1914 – 1918.

Unfortunately, many of the names inscribed upon the stone Calvary in the church grounds are illegible due to weathering.   However, there is a parchment roll of honour in the church which lists those names inscribed on the monument.

Alphabetical list of names on the parchment Roll of Honour in the Church

Alington W   *

Armstrong G

Baker J   *

Barnes P

Barratt H C

Barratt J R

Bassett A

Bassett E

Bayley A   *

Birt E

Brandt F   *

Buckell C

Bunbury P  

Burrows A

Butler H

Cheshire W   *

Chess E   *

Church E   *

Comley A

Coole F

Corbyn H   *

Crisp T

Dartnall H   *

Dartnall W

Davis F

Diston W   *

Du Boulay A   *

Du Boulay H   *

Dunn R

Eager D

Eager F

Farwell J

Fear G

Febery W

Fisher E

Flint G J

Gilliat G   *

Gilliat R

Goodeve L   *

Green F R

Handley G

Hattersley-Smith G

Hattersley-Smith H   *

Hawker A   *

Hills H   *

Hobbs W

Holmes L   *

Hounslow J

Hudson F H

Ireland W

Jackson A

Jelfs A

Jenkins E

King A

Lane A   *

Lane F

Lane R

Maby B   *

Madder S

Maisey A

Martin W S

May R

Minchin W

Mitchem H   *

Montagnon B

Oliver E

Oliver G

Oliver J

Page J

Parker H

Pearce E   *

Pearce H

Preston A   *

Price J

Richards T

Richardson J

Roberts S   *

Rowland F

Russell N

Savile H

Sharp H

Sharp R

Shaw A   *

Smart C

Smith A   *

Spencer F

Tanner J

Taronie F   *

Taylor O

Thornton G

Thoyts F

Underhill S

Vick E   *

Watts T

Whateley S W

Wheeler T G   *

Whittingham A   *

Whittingham F   *

Wilkins J

Wilks C   *

Williams H

Williams W

Woollcombe-Boyce H

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below


1.   Alington is probably Gervase Winford Stovin Alington.

2.   Baker is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Bayley is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

4.   Brandt is commemorated on a bronze plaque in St Matthew’s Church, Cheltenham.

5.   Cheshire is probably George Woodford Cheshire and he is commemorated on the family plot in Cheltenham Cemetery.

6.   Chess is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Charlton Kings (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

7.   Church is William Edward Church.

8.   Corbyn is probably Vernon Hector Corbyn.

9.   Dartnall H is commemorated on the grave of his wife in Cheltenham Cemetery.

10.  Diston is probably William Diston who is commemorated on the Alderton War Memorial and the Beckford (St John The Baptist Church) War Memorial.

11.  Du Boulay brothers are commemorated on the grave of their father in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

12.  Gilliat is probably Cecil Glendower Percival Gilliat.

13.  Goodeve’s original battlefield grave marker is located near the entrance to Cheltenham Cemetery.

14.  Hattersley-Smith H is probably James Henry Hattersley-Smith.

15.  Hawker is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Cheltenham Cemetery.

16.  Hills is probably Harry Hill.

17.  Holmes L is probably Francis Lennox Holmes.

18.  Lane A is probably Henry Arthur Lane.

19.  Maby is probably Lionel Bruce Maby and he is commemorated on the family grave in Prestbury (St Mary’s) Churchyard.

20.  Mitcham is probably Harry Mitchem.

21.  Pearce E is probably Walter Ernest Pearce.

22.  Preston is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

23.  Roberts is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

24.  Shaw A is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, but not in an official war grave.

24a. Shaw A could also refer to SSgt A M Shaw, RE, killed in action in France on 6th May 1917.

25.  Smith is probably Albert Edgar Smith.

26.  Vick is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

27.  Wheeler is commemorated on the grave of his father in Cheltenham Cemetery.

28.  Whittingham brothers are commemorated on the Winchcombe War Memorial.

29.  Wilks is commemorated on his wife’s grave in Teddington (St Nicholas) Churchyard.

30.  All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.

31.  The unveiling of this War Memorial was reported in the “Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic” on 19th June 1920.

32.  The War Memorial was listed as a Grade 1 Monument by English Heritage in 2002.



War Memorial

All Saints Church, All Saints Road, Cheltenham

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Regt/Corps/Unit Decs Died Age Cause Location of Death Cemetery/Memorial Notes
ALINGTON Gervase Winford 766852 Cpl 1/17th Bn London Regt MM* 18-Nov-15 26 KIA Tournai, Belgium Tournai Communal Cemetery CH   LB
Winford Stovin                    
ARMSTRONG George Pierce Lt 34th Sikh Pioneers   06-Aug-15 23 KIA Estaires, France Estaires Communal Cemetery CH   LB   COL
BAKER John Berry 20038 Pte 3rd (Res) Bn Glos Regt   16-Jan-18 17 A Gravesend, UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH   HA   LB
BARNES Percy William 3739 Gnr 213th AA Sect RGA   26-Mar-18 21 KIA Abbeville, France Abbeville Cemetery Extension CH   LB
BARRATT Harold Charles Edward 2Lt 9th Bn Glos Regt   08-Aug-15 21 DOW Salonika, Greece Salonica Military Cemetery CH   MA   LB
BARRATT John Roland 2Lt 1144th MT Coy RASC   02-Apr-17 25 DOI Etaples, France Etaples Military Cemetery CH   LB
BASSETT Albert Edward 171978 Sgt 3rd Bn Canadian Inf   30-May-18 34 DOW Etaples, France Etaples Military Cemetery CH   LB
BASSETT Ernest James 26550 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt   10-Jan-15 24 DOW Mericourt, France Heilly Station Cemetery CH   LB
BAYLEY Archibald Clarence 77577 Cpl 16th Bn Canadian Inf   25-Sep-15 29 KIA “Regina Trench”, Somme Adanac Military Cemetery CH
Archibald                 France    
BIRT Ernest Arthur 9981 Pte HMHS Salta   25-Sep-15 24 KAS Le Havre, France Salta Memorial CH   CA   LB
Ernest                   Le Havre  
BRANDT Frank Capt HMS Monmouth   07-Mar-18 42 KAS Off Chile Plymouth Naval Memorial CH   MA   LB
Frank     (RN)                
BUCKELL Christopher James 2Lt 2nd Bn Norfolk Regt   14-Aug-16 26 KIA Gaza, Palestine Gaza War Cemetery CH   LB
Christopher Allardyce                    
BUNBURY Patrick Stanney 2Lt 2nd Bn Suffolk Regt   25-Sep-15 37 KIA Courcelles, France Courcelles Communal MA
Peter St Pierre                 Cemetery  
BURROWS Arthur Henry M2/136050 Dvr 694th MT Coy ASC   07-Jan-16 24 DOI Peshawar, India Peshawar British Cemetery CH   LB
BUTLER Hubert Frederick Arnold 12495 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt   25-Sep-15 17 KIA Loos, France Loos Memorial CH   JN   LB
CHESHIRE George Woodford 9218 LCpl 2nd Bn Ox & Bucks LI   08-May-17 22 DOW Boulogne, France Boulogne East Military Cemetery CH   LU  LB
CHESS Ernest Henry 3009 LCpl 1/5th Bn Glos Regt   16-Aug-16 20 KIA “Skyline Trench”, Thiepval Thiepval Memorial CH   SA   LB
Ernest                 France    
CHURCH William Edward 103321 Pte 15th Bn Sherwood Foresters   08-Jun-17 18 KIA Bouzincourt, France Essex Farm Cemetery,  CH  BC  GO  LB
COMLEY Arthur Charles 26163 Pte 9th Bn Glos Regt   22-Jul-18 22 DOI Sarigol, Greece Sarigol Military Cemetery CH
COOLE Frederick Albert 1724 LSgt 1/5th Bn Glos Regt   12-May-15 22 KIA Ovillers, France Thiepval Memorial CH   LB
CORBYN Vernon Hector Mids HMS Cressy   23-Jul-16 16 KAS North Sea of Holland Chatham Naval Memorial CH   LB
Hector     (RN)                
CRISP Thomas 57276 Pte 52nd Coy MGC   08-Sep-16 37 KIA Passchendaele, Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial CH   HTS   LB
DARTNALL Henry Thompson 38630 Sgt Medical Branch MSM, MiD 23-Aug-16 27 A Valenciennes, France Valenciennes Communal Cemetery CH  GR  LB
Henry       HQ 1st Army              
DARTNALL William James 3195 Pte 2/5 Bn Glos Regt   05-Dec-18 19 KIA Riez Bailleul, France Pont du Hem Cemetery CH   MA   LB
DAVIS Frederick George 6496 Sgt 1st Bn Glos Regt   08-Aug-15 31 KIA Veldhoek, Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH   LB
DISTON William 13349 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt   21-Oct-14 20 KIA Loos, France Loos Memorial  
DU BOULAY Arthur Lt Col HQ 3rd Army DSO, C de G 23-Apr-17 38 DOI Fillievres, France Fillievres British Cemetery CH   LB,   MiD
Arthur Houssemayne       MiD****            
DU BOULAY Hubert Lionel 2Lt 1st Bn Wilts Regt   30-Nov-16 19 KIA “Mouquet Farm”,  Somme, Thiepval Memorial CH  CC  LB   COL
Hubert Houssemayne               France    
DUNN Reginald Theodore 1485 Sgt Army Cyclist Corps   25-Mar-18 26 KIA Pozieres, France Thiepval Memorial CH  LU  SA  SM
Reginald       South Midland Div Coy             GR  MA  LB
EAGER Denis Godfrey 2Lt 160 Bde RFA   27-Aug-16 19 KIA Wytschaete, Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial CH   BC
 EAGER Francis Russell 2Lt 33 Bde RFA   08-Oct-15 21 KIA Fleurbaix, France Rue Petillon Cemetery CH   BC
 FARWELL John Ralph Bax Lt HM Submarine E30   13-Jul-17 24 KAS North Sea Portsmouth Naval Memorial CH
 John     (RN)                
 FEAR George Francis 1998 Pte 1/5 Bn Glos Regt   17-Apr-15 19 KIA Ovillers, France Thiepval Memorial CH   LK   
 FEBERY Walter James 15131 Cpl 7 Bn South Lancs Regt   11-Apr-17 31 KIA High Wood, Somme, Thiepval Memorial CH
 Walter                 France    
 FISHER Evelyn Vernon Randolph 104559 Pte 175 Coy Labour Corps   23-Aug-18 34 DOI Tincourt, France Tincourt New British Cemetery CH   PJ
FLINT  Gilbert John 39368 Pte 8 Bn Glos Regt   02-Jun-16 19 KIA Wippenhoek, Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial CH
 GILLIAT Cecil Glendower Capt 1 Bn R Warks Regt   04-Apr-17 30 DOW Hazebrouck, France Hazebrouck Communal Cemetery CH   COL
 Glendower Percival                    
 GILLIAT Reginald Horace Capt Att 1 Bn Connaught Rangers   08-Aug-15 30 KIA Laventie, France Rue du Bacquerot Military CH
 Reginald Crosbie                 Cemetery  
 GOODEVE Lionel Major 6 Bn R Scots Fusiliers   01-Oct-18 33 KIA Vermelles, France Vermelles, British Cemetery CH   COL
 GREEN Frank Roland 42266 Pte 18 Bn Glos Regt   11-Sep-18 19 KIA Cambrin, France Sailly-Labourse Communal CH
 Frank                   Cemetery  
 HANDLEY Guy Frederick Lt 2 Bn Coldstream Guards   19-Oct-18 35 KIA St Leger, France Mory Street Military PR   PRC   COL
 Guy Beckham                 Cemetery  
 HATTERSLEY-SMITH Geoffrey Lt HMS Lark   29-Apr-18 26 DOI Plymouth, UK Plymouth Old Cemetery CH   COL
Geoffrey Alban   (RN)                
 HATTERSLEY-SMITH James Henry 310122 LCpl 9 Bn Norfolk Regt   29-Apr-18 38 DOW Wimereux, France Wimereux Cemetery CH
 HAWKER Albert Victor Lt 9 Bn Glos Regt   23-Dec-18 26 DOI Marseilles, France Mazargues Cemetery CH   CC   SA   GR
 HILLS Harry HILL 202768 Pte 14 Bn Glos Regt   21-Jan-18 22 KIA “Panama House”, near Tyne Cot Memorial CH   HT
 Harry                 Passchendaele, Belgium    
 HOBBS William Victor 8459 Pte 2 Bn Glos Regt   08-Oct-15 25 KIA “Rabbit Wood”, Salonika Doiran Memorial CH   PE
 HOLMES Francis Lennox Lt 1 Bn S Staffs Regt   21-Jun-18 27 KIA Zonnebeke, Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH   COL
 HOUNSLOW Joseph 241625 LCpl 2/5 Bn Glos Regt   13-May-15 28 KIA Bihecourt, France Vadencourt British Cemetery CH
 HUDSON Frank Hobbs 2Lt 1 Bn Worcs Regt   25-Oct-16 25 DOW Amiens, France Longres-les-Corps Cemetery CH   GR
 IRELAND William Henry 7116 Pte 1 Bn Glos Regt   10-Oct-18 29 DOW Lillers, France Lillers Communal Cemetery CH
 JACKSON Alfred Edward 26093 Pte 7 Bn Glos Regt   10-Dec-16 19 DOI Amara, Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery CH
 JELFS Alfred Ernest 2174 Pte 1/5 Bn Glos Regt   23-Jul-16 23 KIA Ovillers, France Pozieres British Cemetery CH   HT
 JENKINS Edgar Francis 28077 Cpl 1 Bn Somerset LI   15-Apr-18 19 KIA “Bois de Pacaut”, Riez du Vinage, St Venant-Robecqu Road British Cemetery CH
 Edgar                 France    
 KING Archibald Percy 7788 Pte 2 Bn Ox & Bucks LI   25-Mar-18 27 KIA Beugny, France Delsaux Farm Cemetery CH   SJS
 LANE Henry Arthur 1849 Pte 1/5 Bn Glos Regt   23-Jul-16 21 KIA Ovillers, France Pozieres British Cemetery CH   LU
 LANE Francis 16238 Pte 10 Bn Glos Regt   12-Oct-15 32 KIA Loos, France Loos Memorial CH  SM
 LANE Ronald Edward W/O Mercantile Marine – SS Cambric   31-Oct-17 18 KAS Mediterranean Sea, off Algeria Mercantile Marine Memorial CH   LU
 MABY Lionel Bruce 2Lt 2 Bn Scots Guards   12-Sep-18 20 KIA Havrincourt, France Vaulx Hill Cemetery PR   PRC   COL
 MADDER Sidney Herbert 231250 Spr 130 Fd Coy RE   23-Oct-18 27 KIA Pommereuil, France Pommereuil British Cemetery CH
Sidney Baylis                    
 MAISEY Alfred George 2Lt 6 Bn R West Surrey Regt   12-May-17 24 KIA Roeux, France Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery CH
 MARTIN Walter Sidney 57879 Pte 2 Bn Yorks & Lancs Regt   24-Sep-18 18 DOW Epehy, France Trefcon British Cemetery CH
Walter Stanley                    
 MAY Reginald Harry 41241 Pte 1 Bn DCLI   30-Aug-18 19 KIA Bapaume, France Vis-en-Artois Memorial CH
MINCHIN William Smith Capt 11 Bn Royal Fusiliers MC 20-Apr-18 46 KIA Villers-Bretonneux, France St Pierre Cemetery CH
 MITCHAM Harry James 2772 Pte 1/8 Bn Manchester Regt   17-Aug-15 26 KIA Gallipoli, Turkey Helles Memorial CH
Harry MITCHEM                    
 MONTAGNON Bernhard Coeure Lt 16 Coy Canadian MGC MC 14-Nov-17 29 DOW Etaples, France Etaples Cemetery CH   PA   COL
 OLIVER Ernest John WR/269949 Cpl 26 Lt Rly Works Co RE   26-Oct-18 39 DOI Etaples, France Etaples Cemetery CH
 OLIVER Gilbert Norman 293325 Pte 1/5 Bn Glos Regt   15-Jun-18 21 KIA Canove, Italy Giavera Memorial CH
 OLIVER Lionel Jack 160019 Gnr 29 TM Bty   09-Dec-16 21 A La Neuville, France La Neuville Communal Cemetery CH   PA
 PAGE John 102314 Pte 171 Lab Coy   07-Oct-17 24 KIA St Jean, Belgium New Irish Farm Cemetery CH   HT   HTS
 PARKER Herbert Thomas 2203 LCpl 2 Sanitary Coy RAMC   30-Dec-15 25 DOW Gallipoli, Turkey Lancashire Landing Cemetery CH
PEARCE Walter Ernest 11202 Pte 7 Bn Glos Regt   08-Aug-15 20 KIA Gallipoli, Turkey Helles Memorial CH
PEARCE Harold Wilfred 440770 Sgt 5 Bn Canadian Inf   18-Jul-17 27 DOW Noeux-les-Mines Noeux-les-Mines Communal CH   BC   SO
Harold                   Cemetery  
PRESTON Albert Edgar 53397 Dvr 41 Bde RFA   10-Sep-14 25 DOW Aldershot Hospital, UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH
PRICE James William 204112 Pte 6 Bn KSLI   01-Apr-18 25 DOW Namps-au-Val, France Namps-au-Val British Cemetery CH
RICHARDS Thomas George 31176 Pte 8 Bn Yorks & Lancs Regt   09-Apr-17 38 KIA Messines, Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH
RICHARDSON Jack 34993 Pte 14 Bn Welsh Regt   12-Jul-16 31 KIA Mametz Wood, Somme, France Thiepval Memorial  
ROBERTS Stanley 3641 Pte 1/5 Bn Glos Regt   27-Aug-15 29 DOI Winchester, UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH   HA
ROWLAND Frank 29542 Pte 2 Bn Glos Regt   10-Oct-18 36 DOI Kalamaria, Greece Mikra British Cemetery CH
RUSSELL Noel John Gilbert 2Lt 26 Bde RFA   27-Sep-18 19 DOW Buissy, France Duisans British Cemetery CH   COL
SAVILE Henry Capt HMY Porta   01-Nov-14 60 DOI Portsmouth, UK Haslar Naval Hospital CH
Henry     (RN)                
SHARP Harry 2224 Pte 8 Bn Glos Regt   03-Jul-16 31 KIA Ovillers, Somme, France Thiepval Memorial CH
SHARP Richard 31971 Pte 21 Bn Northumberland Fusiliers   09-Sep-17 22 KIA Bouvincourt, France Thiepval Memorial CH
SHAW Anna Madeline Nurse VAD New Court Hospital   02-Mar-17 33 DOI Cheltenham, UK Cheltenham Cemetery  
Anna       Cheltenham              
SMART Charles Alfred 16168 LCpl 10 Bn Glos Regt   25-Sep-15 28 KIA Loos, France Loos Memorial CH
SMITH Albert Edgar PO/15999 Pte Portsmouth Bn RMLI   16-Oct-15 22 DOI Malta Pieta Cemetery  
SPENCER Frederick George 15419 Pte 2 Bn Glos Regt   25-Apr-15 29 DOW Bailleul, France Bailleul, Communal Cemetery CH   PR   PRC
TANNER John Champain Capt 56 Trg Depot Sqn RAF   01-Aug-18 21 KWF Cranwell, UK Eversley (St Mary) Churchyard CH   LU   COL
TARONIE Frederick 86106 Spr 170 Tunnelling Coy RE   03-Jun-15 28 KIA Givenchy, France Le Touret Memorial CH   HT   HTS   JN
TAYLOR Oliver James 9669 Pte 10 Bn Glos Regt   09-Sep-16 21 KIA High Wood, Somme, France Thiepval Memorial CH
THORNTON George Rowland Hart 2Lt 16 Hy Bty RGA   09-Apr-18 35 KIA Laventie, France Loos Memorial CH   JN   COL
THOYTS Francis Gordon Grant Major 1 Bn Somerset LI   26-Aug-14 44 DOW Ligny, France La Ferte sous Jouarre Memorial CH
UNDERHILL Stanley James 9910 Pte 1 Bn Glos Regt   22-May-18 22 KIA Cambrin, France Chambrin Cemetery CH   CA   LU
VICK Edward 2Lt 8 Bn Glos Regt DCM 09-Jul-17 28 KIA Oosttaverne, Belgium Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery CH
WATTS Theodore 203124 Sgt 12 Bn Glos Regt DCM 25-Aug-18 22 KIA Bucquoy, France Queens Cemetery, Bucqouy CH
WHATELEY Stephen George Capt 1 Bn R Munster Fusiliers   25-Oct-18 28 DOW Roisel, France Roisel Community Cemetery  
WHEELER Thomas Gilbert 7660 Pte 1/12 Bn London Regt   08-Sep-16 24 KIA Ginchy, Somme, France Thiepval Memorial CH   HTS
WHITTINGHAM Albert Edward 13404 Pte 8 Bn Glos Regt   03-Jul-16 23 KIA Ovillers, Somme, France Thiepval Memorial CH   WN
WHITTINGHAM Frederick John 18356 Dmr 2 Bn R West Surrey Regt   01-Nov-14 23 KIA Zonnebeke, Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH   WN
WILKINS James 3114 Pte 2/5 Bn West Yorks Regt   18-Feb-17 18 KIA Ablaincourt, France Thiepval Memorial CH
WILKS Charles Peter 100213 Sgt 1/3 (Highland) Fd Amb RAMC   16-Jun-18 39 KIA Arras, France Anzin St Aubin British Cemetery CH   SG   PO
Charles                      OStJ   SJAB
WILLIAMS Henry 9667 Pte 1 Bn Glos Regt   07-Nov-14 22 KIA Zillebeke, Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH
WILLIAMS Wallace 47242 Pte 1 Bn Inniskilling Fusiliers   14-Oct-18 23 KIA Courtrai, Belgium Dadizeele New British Cemetery CH   PA
WOOLLCOMBE-BOYCE Harold Lt RN HMS Gurkha   08-Feb-17 29 KAS English Channel off Dungeness Portsmouth Naval Memorial CH   LU   MA