List of Great War Commemorations In Cheltenham Cemetery

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



   List of Great War Commemorations on Family Graves or Plots

In Cheltenham Cemetery


Pte Herbert Edward Aldridge

LCpl Walter James Bailey

Capt Alan La Touche Baillie

Capt Evan Henry Baillie

Lt Duncan Baillie

Pte Charles Francis Barton

Cpl Archibald Clarence Bayley

Lt Edward William Bell

Cpl Charles Arthur Allen Bishop

LCpl William Joseph Bowles

Sgt Percy Henry Brill

2Lt Edwin Ormonde Browning

Captain Norman Alexander Browning-Paterson

Lt Col Arthur Robert Burton

2Lt Robert Hitchings Colland Bushell

2nd Lieutenant Ian Patrick Campbell

Pte Gilbert William Carter

Cpl Hardy Challoner Powell Chandler

LCpl George Woodford Cheshire

Cpl Edward Chidley

Cpl Douglas Henry Clee

Pte Percival Harry Clee

Pte Reginald William Cole

2nd Lieutenant Charles Reynolds Cook

Pte Archibald William Cook

Sgt Percy Talbot Cookley

Pte Albert Henry Cox

Pte Thomas Davis

Sgt Frank Maurice Driscoll

Pte John Patrick Driscoll

Sgt Maj Horace Maunder Edwards

Pte Raymond William Eggleton

Pte John Richard Evans

2Lt Marshall Breckon Featherstone

Major Arthur Forbes

Captain Hunter Forbes

Captain Kenneth Forbes-Robertson

Private Archibald Victor Gabb

Pte Geoffrey Bower Hughes Games

Pte Edgar Alan Gater

Colonel Augustus David Geddes

Brig John Gordon Geddes

Pte Henry John Godsell

Lt Elliot Blair Grasett

LCpl Harold Gregory

Leading Seaman Frederick Charles Grimes

Capt George Rupert Hailstone

LCpl Edward Basil Hanks

Pte Henry Guy William Harper

Lt Cyril Cazelet Harrison

Captain Maurice Cazelet Harrison

Lt Albert Victor Hawker

2Lt Frederick James Hawker

Pte Archibald Hawkins

Lt Reginald Hawkins

Lt Douglas Woulfe Hay, MC

Pte Hugh Stowell Hellings  *

Lt George Graham Hicking

Lt Francis Joseph Hicking

Pte Robert Beresford Hind

Pte Arthur Thomas Hiron

Pte Thomas Walter Hunt

Pte William Henry Ireland

Captain Francis Vallance Izard

2Lt Stewart Spiers Jackson

Pte Albert Harold Jacobs

Pte John Thomas James

Major Hugh Bertie Henriques Johnston

Pte John Wesley Jones   *

Lt NoelGraham Lake

Major James Russell Landale

Lt Walter Luke Landale RN

Cpl William Thomas Legg

LCpl Edgar Lock

Pte William Ernest Long

Pte Ellis Mather

Lt John Kearsley Mather

2Lt Robert Mather

Major William Garner Maxwell

Pte Edward McCormick

Sgt James McCormick USMC

Lt George Ross McGusty *

Pte Percival George Mitchell

Major Charles Arthur Gilbert Money

2Lt George Henry Stanley Musgrove

Pte Leslie Robert Newcombe

Lt Cmdr Basil Stratford Noake

Pte John Robert Brunsdon Page

Captain Alan John MacDonald Pemberton

Pte Ernest Hayward Pratt

Cpl Ormonde Pratt

Pte Francis William Purnell

2Lt Charles William Ernest Rawlings

Pte Edward Lancelot Rawlings

Sgt George Ernest Robinson

2Lt Sydney Gilbert Rogers

2Lt Arthur Robert Rowe

Pte Reginald Francis Ruck

2Lt John Emerton Sanders

Pte James Savory

2Lt Percival John Seater

Pte Archibald Seward

Pte Frederick Charles Singer

LCpl Arthur Herbert Smith

Sgt Maj William Henry Smith

2Lt Howell Charles Stephens

Lt Montague Stevens

Lt Col Herbert Stoney-Smith, DSO

Pte Arthur Ernest Taylor

Lt Cmdr Frank Goodrich Terry

2Lt Hugh Gareth Thomas

Pte Philip Johnson Toms

Cpl Henry Ashby Turbyfield

Lt Col Arthur Saunders Vanrenen

2Lt Edward Vick

Gnr Maurice Carter Voile

Pte Lionel Naramore Were

Pte Reginald Arthur Wheeler

Pte Thomas Gilbert Wheeler

Lt Cyril William Winterbotham

LCpl Frederick James Woolnough

LCpl Frederick York Workman

LCpl Albert John Yeates



1.   A total of 123 commemorations are known.

2.   The location of the Hellings, Jones and McGusty commemorations have yet to be identified.

3.   Plans are being made to mark on a map of Cheltenham Cemetery where each commemoration is located.






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