War Graves in Cheltenham Cemetery

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War Graves of The Great War Located

in Cheltenham Cemetery


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Empire and Allied


Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham

Grid Reference:   SO 968231

Cheltenham Cemetery page at the CWGC is here.


The Cross of Sacrifice located within the Cemetery grounds


These pages lists those servicemen of Cheltenham and the local area, and others, who died as a result, either directly or indirectly, of the Great War and who are buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.   There is a total of 110 official graves of the Great War in the cemetery which are recorded in the Debt of Honour Register at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and a further 20 which are not recognised by the CWGC.   Of the 110 official graves, 9 have a civilian headstone and 101 have the officially provided headstone.   A total of 10 Australians and 2 Canadians, included in the above figures, who served and died in the Great War are buried in the cemetery.


99 or those Cheltonians and others commemorated on local War Memorials and listed in the Roll of Honour pages are buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.   A full list can be viewed here.


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Empire and Allied



1.   Commemorations on gravestones in this cemetery can be found here.

2.   Cheltenham War Memorial can be viewed here.







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