Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving With The Royal Defence Corps

Cheltonians Who Died in The Great War

 Whilst Serving WithThe Royal Defence Corps

Ref Name Rank Number Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 HAYWARD Harry Pte 34757 256th Coy RDC 21st January 1917 DOI UK 45 CH
2 KIDD James Pte 50767 13th Observer Coy RDC 20th July 1918 DOI UK 24 PA
3 SCREEN John Cpl


109th Protection Coy RDC 10th March 1920 DOI UK 44 CH


1.   The Royal Defence Corps was formed on 17th March 1916 and comprised those servicemen who were otherwise prevented from serving in the Regular and Volunteer Armies by reason of age, disability or other reasons, but who nevertheless wished to serve their country in some capacity.   Its job was to guard railways, tunnels, roads, ports and other military installations thus relieving other troops for front line service.

2.   Further reading –   R. Marrion, The British Army 1914-18 (Osprey, 1978),  Ray Westlake, Kitchener’s Army 1914-18 (Spellmount Publishers, 1998),   K W Mitchinson, Defending Albion: Britain’s Home Army, 1908-1919 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)


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