Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving With The Royal West Kent Regiment

Cheltonians Who Died in The Great War

Whilst Serving With The Queen’s Own(Royal West Kent Regiment)

Ref Name Rank Number Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 ANNESLEY William Richard Norton DSO Major War Office   (Note 2) 29th November 1914 DOI UK 51 CH   COL
2 CASCARINO Luigi Pte 201682 2/4th Battalion 19th April 1917 KIA PA 29 CH
3 DAFFURN Arthur Leonard Pte G/9992 11th Battalion 7th October 1916 KIA FR 19 CH   SM
4 EAST William John Pte G/24603 7th Battalion 1st June 1917 KIA FR 25 BC
5 FROWEN Percy Pte G/13786 7th Battalion 23rd August 1918 KIA FR 30 PE
6 GARDNER James Pte G/24701 6th Battalion 20th November 1917 KIA FR 20 CK   CKC


GIBBS Edgar Biggerstaff Pte G/26644 1/5th Battalion 11th December 1917 DOI IN 34 CH
8 HARRIS Alick James Tyler Pte 19870 Depot 30th January 1919 DOI UK 22 CH   PE
9 KING Thomas Pte G/24660 7th Battalion 13th July 1917 KIA BE 26 CH   SJ   SJS
10 LAUNCHBURY James Frederick Pte G/24624 7th Battalion 8th August 1917 KIA BE 25 CH
11 SHERWOOD Reginald Vincent Pte TF/4547 3/4th Battalion 9th January 1917 DOI UK 24 CH   PA
12 SKEEN George Thomas Pte G/29388 7th Battalion 24th September 1918 KIA FR 19 CH   PE
13 STEPHENS Sidney Thomas Pte G/23867 1st Battalion 8th February 1917 DOW FR 21 CH   MK
14 TAYLOR Edward Herbert Pte G/7760 8th Battalion 21st March 1918 KIA FR 36 CH   CC


1.   The Royal West Kent Regiment involvement in the Great War can beviewed here.

2.   ANNESLEY was serving in the General Staff at The War Office at the time of his death.


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