Cheltonians Commemorated On Memorials To The Missing in Belgium

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   Cheltonians Commemorated

On Memorials to the Missing in Belgium

There are 168 Cheltonians commemorated on 5 Memorials To The Missing in Belgium

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission was established by Royal Charter in 1917.   Its duties are to mark and maintain the graves of the members of the forces of the Commonwealth who were killed in the two World Wars, to build memorials to those who have no known grave and to keep records and registers, including, after the Second World War, a record of the Civilian War Dead.   The 5 memorials built in Belgium to commemorate those of the Great War who have no known grave are:

Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.   Commemorates the 54,000 of all Commonwealth Forces, except New Zealand, who were killed or died in the Ypres Salient before 16th August 1917and have no known grave.

Messines Ridge (New Zealand) Memorial.   Commemorates over 800 missing soldiers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who died in or near Messines in 1917 and 1918.

Nieupoort Memorial.   Commemorates 548 missing officers and soldiers of United Kingdom forces who died during the First World War in operations on the Belgian coast.

Ploegsteert Memorial.    Commemorates more than 11,000 missing officers and soldiers of the United Kingdom and South African forces who died in this sector during the First World War. The memorial serves the area from the line Caestre-Dranoutre-Warneton to the north, to Haverskerque-Estaires-Fournes to the south, including the French areas of Hazebrouck, Merville, Bailleul and Armentieres and the Forest of Nieppe.

Tyne Cot Memorial.   Commemorates the 35,000 missing officers and soldiers of the United Kingdom and New Zealand Forces who died in the Ypres Salient after 16 August 1917.

Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres

97 Cheltonians are commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial

Lt John Greville Hobart Bird

2Lt Frank D’Arcy Blofeld

LCpl George Edwin Bowen

Capt John Henry Brennan

Pte Albert Ernest Brooker

Pte James Robert Burford

Pte William Charles Burnett

Pte Christopher Bernard Camden

Pte John Castle

Sgt George Ashley Chapman

Pte Thomas Edwin Claridge

Pte William Cleveley

Pte Cecil Collins-Williams

Pte Henry George Cooke

Sgt Albert Edward Cooper

Pte Arthur Cooper

LCpl John Gerrard Crabb

Pte Cecil Edgar Cruse

Sgt Frederick George Davis

Pte Edward Dicks

Sgt John Henry Digby

Pte William Henry Drake

Pte John Pirrie Eager

Sgt Ernest George Eden

Cpl Howard Alan Farrar

Pte Thomas Flynn

Pte Edward William Ford

Capt Lawrence Fort

Pte Guy Billie Gillespie

Lt Ralph Hamilton Fane Gladwin

Pte Charles Goatman

Pte Lionel Victor Gray

Pte Frank Edward Green

2Lt John Edward Gresson

Spr Charles Thomas Hall

Sgt William Henry Hall

Cpl William Hart

Pte Percival Walter Hill

Pte Henry Thomas Hobbs

Pte Hubert Bernard Hodson

Lt Francis Lennox Holmes

Sgt Charles Hurst

Pte Albert George Jeenes

Private Walter Jeenes

Pte George Albert Jones

Pte William George Jones

Pte William Tillin Kilbey

Pte Alderman Justice Lane

Cpl Ernest Arthur Larner

Pte James Frederick Launchbury

Cpl Arthur Edwin Lawrence

Pte Reginald Lawrence

Tpr George Bruce Lawson

Captain B C Lousada

Lt Edward Arthur Lousada

Pte William Henry James Mahon

Pte Edgar Mansfield

LCpl Henry Martin

Lt John Kearsley Mather

Pte William Matthews

Pte William Eric McKay

Pte Harry Moss

Pte Frank Victor Mustoe

Cpl Harold James Newman

Pte Arthur Phillips

Cpl Albert Oscar Pritchett

Pte Sidney Albert Randall

Pte George Ransom

Lt Leonard Hugh Rawlinson

Pte Thomas George Richards

Pte Albert Thomas Victor Roberts

Pte Arthur Rogers

Pte Arthur Cecil Rutland

Pte James Simpson

LCpl Arthur Edward Smith

Pte Frank Smith

LCpl James Smith

Pte Raymond Frederick Smith

2Lt Edward Hamilton Southcomb

2Lt Harold Rolleston Stables

Pte Arthur William Stephens

Sgt Frederick Taylor

CQMS Ernest John Thompson

LCpl John Townsend

LCpl Leslie Frederick Trinder

Capt Hugh Vincent Corbett Turnbull

Pte George Turner

Pte Harry Wallace

Pte Robert Anderson Waring

Lt John Booker Brough Warren

Pte John Welch

Pte Frederick Whittingham

LCpl Alec Morgan Williams

Pte Frederick Williams

Pte Henry Williams

Pte Walter Wilfred Winstone

Gnr Lionel Waterhouse Wood

Messines Ridge New Zealand Memorial

Copyright and source – Commonwealth War Graves Commission

1 Cheltonians is commemorated on the Messines Ridge New Zealand Memorial

Sgt Leslie Probyn Dighton

Nieupoort Memorial

1 Cheltonian is commemorated on the Nieuport Memorial

2Lt Arthur Clements Heberden

Ploegsteert Memorial

11 Cheltonians are commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial

Pte Leonard Ayres

Pte Harry William Brown

Pte Edgar Herbert Buckingham

Pte George Edward Clayton

LCpl Walter Chick

Capt Kenneth Forbes-Robertson

Pte George William Hyde

Pte William Hartlebury Miles

Sgt Harry Tandy

Pte Frederick Francis Thompson

Captain Herbert Guy Turner

Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele

58 Cheltonians are commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial

Pte Percy Arkell

2Lt Eric Charles Bastin

Pte Arthur Ernest Bloxsome

Pte Frederick James Brown

Pte George Henry Byron

Pte Henry Harold Burford

CSM James David Candy

Rfn Leonard Harry Hudson Clark

Captain Louis Walter Clements

Pte Wilfred James Coombes

Pte Frederick John Victor Copestake

Pte John Charles Cox

Pte Thomas Crisp

Pte Alexander Gordon Cummings

Capt John Leslie Derrick

Sgt Ernest Drew

Pte John Patrick Driscoll

LCpl Harry Driver

2Lt Denis Godfrey Eager

Pte Gilbert John Flint

Pte Charles Ernest Sydney Fry

Pte Raymond Edwin Fryer

Pte William Gardner

Lt Gerald Charles Edward Gloster

Pte Edward Gough

LCpl Edward Basil Hanks

Sgt George Henry Hayward

Pte George Hemmings

Pte Harry Hill

Pte Arthur William Holder

2Lt Michael Hole

LCpl Sidney George Henry Jackson

LCpl George Henry Jeffries

LCpl Sidney Richard Leach

Spr Raymond Miles

LCpl Reginald Mustoe

Pte Edward Norris

2Lt John Outram

Pte George O’Hagan

Pte Ernest Edward Parker

Pte Frederick John Plumb

Cpl Cecil Hugh Pope

Pte Francis William Purnell

2Lt Sydney Gilbert Rogers

Cpl Henry Russell

LCpl Edward Charles Sims Saunders

Cpl Thomas Edward Sheward

LCpl Charles Edward Short

Cpl Arthur Frank Smith

CSM William Frederick Spawton

Cpl Albert John Spencer

Capt Cyril Stanley Geoffrey Stevens

Pte James Arthur Stibbs

Cpl Henry Ashby Turbyfield

Pte Reginald Hewar Villar

Lt Eric Joseph Woods

LCpl Albert John Yeates

Pte William James Young


1.   Cemeteries in Belgium can be viewed here.

2.   Mr Mark Mathias, Mr Aurel Sercu, Mr Mike Shingleton and Mr Steve Morse who very kindly provided photos of the Menin Gate, Ploegsteert and Nieupoort and Tyne Cot Memorials respectively.   These gentlemen are Acknowledged and thanked.




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