Cheltenham (Public Library) Roll of Honour – European War 1914 – 1919 Surnames A, B, C

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear

Cheltenham (Public Library) Roll of Honour Book 1914 – 1919

Surnames A, B and C


Location:   Cheltenham Library, Clarence Street

Location:   SO 947226


Names listed on this Roll of Honour: 

Last Visited:   April 2003

IWM War Memorial Ref:   In due course

Alphabetical list of names in this Roll of Honour

Surnames  –  A  (27)

Surnames  – B   (121)

Surnames  –  C  (111)

Abbott G D

Adams H I

Adcock H P

Aldrich A

Aldridge A W

Aldridge H E

Aldridge W D  *

Alington G W S

Allender J H

Allsopp A E

Amery E J

Ames A C

Anderson E G

Annesley W R N

Armstrong G P

Arnold G

Arter F J

Artus E R

Arundell H R

Ashcroft W

Ashfield G

Aston J

Atkins E H

Attwood A  *

Attwood E

Ayres C  *

Ayres L F


Badcock M F

Baird B H

Baker E StJ

Baker J B

Baker T

Baker W A

Baldwin F J

Ball S G

Ballinger A

Ballinger F R

Ballinger F W  *

Ballinger P

Bannerman O W E

Banning  *

Barber G H

Barnard E A

Barnes P W

Barnett E

Barnett E W

Barnett L K  *

Barratt H C E

Barratt J R

Barrett W   *

Barton C J  *

Bassett A E

Bassett E J

Bastin E C

Bates J H

Bates W I  *

Batten E C L

Baylis W J L

Beacham F L

Beak D E

Beames W E

Beard G A

Beard H

Bedwell G H  *

Bell E W

Bendall L

Berry H

Berry W E  *

Best A F

Betteridge E L  *

Bevan W H

Biddle WW

Billings S W

Birt E A

Bishop C A A

Bishop S

Black A J

Blackmore G A J

Blackpool S

Blackwell W T

Blake F

Bliss J

Bond E C

Bond G H  *

Bond J H

Bourne R S

Bowden E L

Bowen G E

Bowen J

Bowles W J

Bowle-Evans D

Bowsher W C

Bowstead A J

Bowstead J E

Boyce C W

Boyle E A

Brain E J B

Bramwell C J

Brandt F

Brassington W E  *

Brazener A C H

Brazener G E A

Brazil F C

Bren H A H

Brewster A H

Brewster H W D

Bridges A G

Bridgman F E

Briggs E

Brill P H

Broad  *

Brodie P W

Brodie T S

Brooke-Murray K A

Brookes A  *

Brookes E A

Brookes E W  *

Brookes G  *

Brookes G H *

Brookes H F

Broom A

Brown E

Brown F

Brown H W

Brown K

Brown S

Browning E O

Brunskill J J

Bryon G H

Bubb W E

Buck G W

Buckell C J A

Bullingham C G

Bullock W

Bunce G O

Burcher A

Burford H

Burford H H

Burgoyne-Williams D B  *

Burnell J C

Burnett A J

Burrows A H

Burton A R

Burton J

Butler G H

Butler H F A

Byard A J

Byard F S

Caldwell J J R

Caley A

Camden C B

Campbell D D H

Campbell I P

Candy J D

Candler C W  *

Cannock G L

Cardew J H

Carey A C

Carey G W

Carles A J

Carnegy J

Carnegy R L

Carter E

Carter W E F

Cascarino L

Cassidy H

Castle J

Cater H J

Caudle P W

Chalk G

Challenger A E

Challoner W

Chamberlain  *

Chamberlain J E *

Chambers W A

Chandler H C P

Chapman G A

Charlottes S

Cherrington F

Cheshire W  *

Chess E H

Chester-Master R C

Chidley E

Child W D

Christian H

Church W E

Clapham J C

Clappen S

Clare L V

Claridge T E

Clark H V

Clark L H H

Clark L V

Claughton I D

Clements A J

Clements L W

Clee D H

Clifford F

Clissold L

Cole N

Cole R W

Coles C

Collins H

Collins M J

Collins T

Collins-Williams C H

Colquhoun R C

Cooch C R

Cook A R

Cook A W

Cook C R

Cooke P A

Cookley P T

Coole F

Coombes W J

Cooper E C  *

Cooper F

Cooper G S

Cooper H T

Cooper W

Copestake F

Corbyn V H

Corke H W

Comley A C

Cosier W B

Cossens W T

Cousins F T

Coventon G H

Cox A

Cox A

Cox A H

Cox C

Cox C H

Cox E

Cox F  *

Cox J C

Cox J R

Cox L H

Coxwell-Rogers R H

Crabb J G

Craddock J

Craddock H C

Cratchley W

Creech A E

Creed A C

Creed T

Creed W

Cresswell H E S

Cresswell F J

Cribb P E

Crisp T

Critchley W

Crook W

Crook W H

Cummings A G

Cummings P

Cunningham C A

Curtis W S





Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below.


1.   Aldridge W D is most probably William George Aldridge.

2.   Attwood A is as yet unidentified.

3.   Ayres C is most probably Cyril John Lerwell Ayers.

4.   Ballinger F W is most probably Frederick Charles W A Ballinger.

5.   Banning is most probably William Banning.

6.   Barnett L K is most probably Lionel Barnett.

7.   Barton C J is most probably Charles Francis Fletcher Barton.

8.   Bates W I is most probably William Thomas Bates.

9.   Bedwell G H is most probably George John Henry Bedwell.

10. Berry W E is most probably William Arthur Berry.

11.  Betteridge E L is most probably Ernest Linden Howard Betteridge.

12.  Bond G H has not been identified as yet.

13.  Brassington W E is most probably Walter Edgar Brasington.

14.  Broad has not been identified as yet.

15.  Brookes A has not been identified as yet.

16.  Brookes E W is most probably Ernest William Brooks.

17.  Brookes G is most probably George William James Brooker.

18.  Brookes G H is most probably George Herbert Broom.

19.  Burgoyne-Williams D B is most probably Douglas Burgoyne Burgoyne-Wallace.

20.  Candler C W has not been identified as yet.

21.  Chamberlain has not been identified as yet.

22.  Chamberlain J E was a POW and survived the war.

23.  Cheshire W is most probably George Woodford Cheshire.

24.  Cooper E C has not been identified as yet.

25.  Cox F may well have been a POW and survived the war.




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