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Members of The Golden Divot Tour
This photo, taken in 1986, shows from left to right Jim, Ian, Dave, Steve, Daryl and Martin.   These souls are the core of the membership of The Golden Divot Tour.

The current membership of the tour consists of active, semi-active and non-playing members as follows:

  • Active members.   Steve, Daryl and Martin.

  • Semi-active members.   Jim, Ian and Craig.

  • Non-playing members.   Dave, Trev and Kerry.

The Earliest Divot Photograph

The earliest recorded photograph of a Golden Divot presentation ceremony was taken in the early spring of 1991.   The photo shows Martin having just been presented with the Trophy surrounded by the losers on this particular occasion.   From left to right are Steve, Daryl, Martin, Dave (crouched), Kerry and Jim.   Of particular note are the relaxed clothing and dress regulations which the membership had adopted prior to formal challenges which commenced in May 1992.

A Typical Presentation
The photo was taken at Rodway on 10th December 1994 and shows Martin being presented with the Troph by Jim.   The award and presentation of the Trophy are regulated by Rules 5 and 8 of the Constitution, and Jim (on the right) is presenting the Troph “with due formality and reverence and in the presence of all competing members …….”.
Taken just after the formal presentation, this shows, from left to right are Martin, Jim, Daryl and Steve.   Note the more formal golfing attire and dress awareness than in the earliest Divot photo.   The Trophy is in its second incarnation which was in use between 2nd May 1992 and 17th June 1995 for a total of 164 challenges.
Members at Scottish HQ – April 2004

Members pose for a photograph at Jim’s house near Auchterless at Scottish HQ on 10th April 2004 prior to the challenge at Turriff GC.   Steve would triumph with a resounding gross 80, net 64.

Members on Parade

Daryl takes a snap of Steve, Jim and Martin ready to tee off at the first at Rodders in March 2007.   Jim was on a short visit from Scotland and an ad-hoc set of clubs was put together for his use.   Perhaps he shouldn’t have bothered, carding a gross 123, net 95.   The high score was far outweighed by the sheer enjoyment he derived from the challenge.

Members at Scottish HQ – May 2007

Jim, Steve, Daryl and Martin assembled at Thurso Golf Club on Saturday 26th May 2007 to play the 638th Challenge.   It was the fourth challenge to be held at Scottish HQ.   The course is the most northerly on the British mainland.   The weather was particularly windy though the sun occasionally broke through the scattered clouds providing a very pleasant afternoon.
Daryl won a stunning victory, beating Martin by just one stroke.   It was Daryl’s first victory away from home soil, and due to his tenacious tenacity it was thoroughly deserved.

Whilst Daryl celebrates his win, the losers reflect on what might have been.

Daryl proudly holds the Scottish HQ Troph, which he will hold until the next challenge in Scotland, scheduled for May 2008.

The Troph will remain in Scotland under Jim’s care.

Members at Scottish HQ – May 2008

Steve, Martin, Daryl and Jim pose in the front garden of Jim’s house prior to the trip to Reay GC.

Daryl hands over the Scottish HQ Trophy to Steve after the trip to Reay GC.   Steve triumphed with a gross 91, net 72, on a windy day at the first challenge on a links course.

Steve, Martin, Daryl and Jim pose after Steve is presented with the Scottish HQ Trophy after the trip to Reay GC.

Jim Attends Challenge at Rodway

Jim attends the Challenge at Rodway on Saturday 4th July 2009.   He battled up to and including the 11th but had to retire due to health concerns (so he claims).

The Inaugural Challenge is played at Welsh HQ – 22nd August 2009

The boys gather at Rhondda Golf Course for the inaugural challenge at Welsh HQ on Saturday 22nd August 2009.   The photo was taken by a passing Welshman.

Action shots of Jessbot and Jim at the 18th of Rhondda GC on 22nd August 2009.   The pair have very similar action going into the downswing.

Martin and Steve almost complete their downswings.

Steve and Mart contemplate their game whilst Jim looks on from his buggy.   No longer fit enough to walk the course, Jim has had to resort to this type of transport.   He thoroughly recommends it.

Jim Attends Challenge at Rodway

Jim attends the Challenge at Rodway on Saturday 31st October 2009 in celebration of Halloween.   Steve would have a shocker (127, net 99) and Martin would not fare much better (93, net 75).   Jessbot would card 98, net 71 and Jim 99 net 71.   So it was a tie but for the Stats, Jessbot having put in a far superior back 9 would be declared the winner.

A Challenge at Rodway in November 2009

Martin is declared winner on 7th November 2009.   Daryl wins the dandruff stakes.   The boys are looking well fed.


The Member’s Trophy Cabinet

Daryl’s Trophy

Steve’s Trophies

Jim’s Trophy

Silver won at RHGC in July 1996 Medals Gold (top) won at RHGC in June 1994 Medals.   Two Bronzes won at RHGC in January 1993 and February 1993 Medals. Silver won at RHGC in November 1993 Medals
Gold won at RHGC in April 1996 Medals
Martin’s Trophies
Charity Team Winner 1995 (top/left) and January 1996 Medals Winner.   Bottom row from left to right – Silver won at Rodway September 1992, Gold won at Rodway January 1993, Silver won at Rodway July 1993, Silver won at Rodway August 1993, Silver won at Rodway June 1994, Bronze won at Rodway December 1994, Gold won at Rodway April 1995, Gold won at Rodway June 1995, Silver won at Rodway September 1994 and Gold won at Rodway January 2006.

Aggregate Shield Winner 1993 (left) and Clarke Bowl Winner 1993.


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