“Leaving All That Was Dear – Cheltenham and The Great Warr”


   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Leaving All That Was Dear

Title:   Leaving All That Was Dear   –   Cheltenham and The Great War

Publisher:   Promenade Publications

Copyright:   The Authors 1997

ISBN:    0 9529382 0 0

Cost:   £40 – 50

Status:     Currently out of print (only about 500 copies printed)



Image of the front cover of the book.   By kind permission of Graham Sacker  (August 2001)

In 1992 the authors decided that attempts should be made to commemorate the 1600 or so souls from Cheltenham and the local area who made the ultimate sacrifice in the Great War.   For the title of their book they selected a phrase from the Memorial Scroll, sent in the 1920s to the bereaved families – the phrase was “….. leaving all that was dear“.



Cheltenham in the Great War“, by Neela Mann is described here



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