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   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear




    Surnames – O

Some apparent  inaccuracies and anomalies have been discovered in respect of the spelling of surnames, service/regimental records, details of birth and death events and other matters in The Book, the Debt of Honour Register at the CWGC, on local war memorials and in the publication “Officers and Soldiers Who Died In The Great War”.


(It should be noted that the many Observations here are being gradually investigated and corrected where necessary)





The Book, page 421

Birth registered in Tewkesbury Q4 – 1885 as Henry.   Regimental number is M2/176874.

OLDHAM Leslie William Searles

The Book, page 422

Serving with 63rd Field Company RE at death.

OLIVER Ernest John

The Book, page 422

Regimental number is WR/269949.   He is listed in SDGW.

OLIVER Jack Leslie

The Book, page 423

Birth registered in Cheltenham Q1 – 1895 as Lionel Jack.   Also commemorated on the All Saints Church War Memorial.

OLIVER James Stewart

The Book, page 424

Birth registered in Cheltenham Q3 – 1893 as James Stuart.   Aged 24 at death.

ONION John William

The Book, page 424

Birth registered in Cheltenham Q4 – 1872.   Serving with 3/8th Bn London Regt (Post Office Rifles) at death.

OSBORNE Herbert Coventry Bassett

The Book, page 426

Birth registered in London in 1880.   Aged 36 at death.

O’CALLAGHAN Duncan McKay MacDonald

The Book, page 427

Aged 23 at death.



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