St Lukes Church, Cheltenham, War Memorial

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Roll of Honour

St Luke’s Church, Cheltenham


Location:   St Luke’s Road,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:  SO 951218


Names listed on this War Memorial:   63

Last Visited:  February 2003

Imperial War Museum War Memorial Ref:   58398

  Copyright:  David J James, 2003

  Copyright:  David J James, 2003

  Copyright:  David J James, 2003

Inscriptions on left tablet:

Forget Not

Inscriptions on right tablet:

We Will Never Forget

Alphabetical list of names on this Roll of Honour

Left Tablet

Right Tablet

Arundell H R   *

Badcock M F

Barnett L   *

Barnfield F

Barnfield W

Beak D E

Bedwell G J H

Bell E W   *

Boulton H D   *

Brazil F C

Brill P H

Brooks W H

Burton J A

Butler F W

Butler G H

Butler L G

Campbell I P   *

Cheshire G W   *

Cooper F

Cox E

Cox J R

Davis A J

Davis E A

Dennis C

Dicks E G   *

Dicks F J N   *

Dougherty J J

Dunn R T

Edwards C O

Ferguson J C M

Gardner A H

Gater E   * 

Gough A E

Greening G H

Hanks E B   *

Hardy R L

Hunt G C   *

Jacobs A H

James H   *

Kensington D   *

Knaggs K J

Lacey H C

Lane H A

Lane R E

Mitchell P G   *

Negus R A

Norris R C

Organ G H

Phillips A

Price J L

Reay L

Reed H W T

Reid J G

Stables H R

Tanner J C

Thomas E L

Underhill S J

Wells S C

Woollcombe-Boyce H C

Woore A C

Woore A G

Woore W A

Young H F W




Full details of those named on the War Memorial can be viewed here.

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name in the panel below.


1.   Arundell’s original battlefield grave marker is located near the entrance to Cheltenham Cemetery.

2.   Barnett is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Bell is commemorated on his father’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

4.   Boulton is commemorated on the lychgate of St Mary’s Church, Charlton Kings.

5.   Campbell is commemorated on his father’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

6.   Cheshire is commemorated on the family plot in Cheltenham Cemetery.

7.   Dicks brothers are commemorated on a plaque in St Luke’s Church.

8.   Dougherty is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

9.   Gater is commemorated on his father’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

10.  Hanks is commemorated on his parent’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

11.  Hunt is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

12.  James is also listed on the South African Volunteers Memorial in the Promenade.

13.  Kensington is commemorated on a plaque in St Luke’s Church.

14.  Mitchell is commemorated on his parent’s grave in Cheltenham Cemetery.

15.  All are listed in the Roll Of Honour pages.



Roll of Honour

St Luke’s Church, St Luke’s Road, Cheltenham

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
ARUNDELL H R Henry Rudolph 203275 Pte 1/4th Bn Glos Regt 15-Apr-17 34 DOW Le Havre – France St Marie Cemetery, Le Havre CH  OD
BADCOCK M F Minden Francis Capt 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 27-Mar-18 22 KIA Rosieres – France Pozieres Memorial, France CH  COL
          (att 9 Bn East Surrey Regt)            
BARNETT L Lionel Lt 6th Bn Yorks Regt 06-Feb-17 24 A Prees Heath – UK Cheltenham Borough  CH  BC  SO  CL
BARNFIELD F Frank Z/8514 AB RN – Nelson Bn, RND 13-Nov-16 23 KIA Beaumont-Hamel –  Ancre British Cemetery, CH
                  France Beaumont-Hamel, France  
BARNFIELD W William 13358 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 09-Oct-15 25 KIA Hohenzollern Redoubt – Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos, CH
                  France France  
BEAK D E Douglas Eliot 305856 LCpl 1/7th Bn Hants Regt 17-Nov-18 27 DOI Aden – Yemen Maala Cemetery, Aden,  CH
BEDWELL G J H George John Henry 16045 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 18-Nov-15 33 KIA Loos – France Loos Memorial, France CH  BE  SJS
BELL E W Edward William Lt 209th Coy MGC 08-Dec-17 30 KIA Jerusalem – Palestine Jerusalem War Cemetery CH  WE  GR
BOULTON H D Howard Dutson 2nd Offr Mercantile Marine –  17-Dec-16 32 KAS At Sea – Off Alderney Alderney RC Cemetery,  CH
          HMT Pascal         Channel Islands  
BRAZIL F C Frederick Charles 21549 Pte 16th Bn Cheshire Regt 19-Jul-16 34 KIA Bazentin Ridge, Somme – Thiepval Memorial, France  
BRILL P H Percy Henry 290666 Sgt 1/10th Bn Middx Regt 27-Oct-18 37 DOI Simla – India Simla Old Cemetery, India CH
BROOKS W H William Henry 44508 Pte 1st Bn Worcs Regt 02-Aug-18 18 DOW Averdoingt – France Ligny-St Flochel British CH   SM
                    Cemetery, France  
BURTON J A James Augustus 29315 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 03-Feb-17 31 DOW Amara – Mesopotamia Amara War Cemetery, Iraq CH
BUTLER F W Francis Walter 27657 Pte 14th Bn Warks Regt 27-Sep-18 29 KIA Canal du Nord – France Neuville-Bourjonval British CH
                    Cemetery, France  
BUTLER G H George Henry 203477 Pte 8th Bn Glos Regt 23-Oct-18 34 KIA River Selle – France St Aubert British Cemetery, CH
BUTLER L G Leonard Gray Capt 6th Bn Rifle Bde 21-Aug-16 26 KIA Delville Wood – France Thiepval Memorial, France  
CAMPBELL I P Ian Patrick 2Lt 1st Bn Cameron Hldrs 09-May-15 18 KIA Richebourg L’Avoue –  Guards cemetery, Cuinchy, CH   COL
                  France France  
CHESHIRE G W George Woodford 9218 LCpl 2nd Bn Ox & Bucks LI 23-May-15 22 DOW Boulogne – France Boulogne East Cemetery, CH   AS
COOPER F Frederick 21110 Cpl 145 Coy MGC 23-Aug-16 21 KIA Pozieres – France Thiepval Memorial, France CH   HC
COX E Edmund Fleet RN – HMS Vanguard 09-Jul-17 43 KAS Scapa Flow – UK Chatham, Naval Memorial LU
COX J R John Ramsey Capt 6th Bn Worcs Regt 12-Mar-15 40 KIA Neuve Chapelle – France Le Touret Memorial, France CH   CC
DAVIS A J Alfred John 34109 Cpl 9th Bn Norfolk Regt 30-May-18 21 KIA Ypres – Belgium Vormezeele Enclosure No3 CH   SJS
                    Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium  
DAVIS E A Ernest Albert 10019 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 10-Jan-15 22 DOW St Omer – France Longuenesse Souvenir CH   SJS   OD
                    Cemetery, France  
DENNIS C Cecil 2716 Pte XIX Corps Cyclist Coy 21-Apr-18 39 POW Bohain – France Premont British Cemetery, CH   SJ   COL
DICKS E G Ernest Geoffrey 22294 Sig RN – SS Queen 28-Jun-18 18 KIA At Sea – Off NW Spain Plymouth Naval Memorial CH
DICKS F J N Francis James 2Lt 2/8th Bn Worcs Regt 27-May-18 21 DOW Aire – France Aire Cemetery, France CH
DOUGHERTY J J John Joseph 40257 Rfn 11th Bn Royal Irish Rifles 20-Sep-20 38 DOI Gloucester – UK Cheltenham Cemetery CH
DUNN R T Reginald Theodore 1485 Sgt Army Cyclist Corps, att 18-Aug-16 26 KIA Pozieres – France Thiepval Memorial, France CH   AS   SA
          1/6th Bn Warks Regt           SM   GR
EDWARDS C O Charles O’Reilly Capt 57 Fd Coy RE 13-Dec-15 33 KIA Ypres – Belgium Ferme-Olivier Cemetery, CH   SJ   COL
                    Elverdinge, Belgium  
FERGUSON J C M John Charles Capt 9th Bn att 2nd Bn 19-Nov-18 30 DOI Rouen – France St Sever Cemetery Extension, CH   COL
    Moore     Bedford Regt         France  
GARDNER A H Albert Henry 10067 LCpl 1st Bn Glos Regt 17-Apr-18 21 KIA Festubert – France Beuvry Communal Cemetery CH
                    Extension, France  
GATER E Edgar Alan 15720 Pte 2nd Bn Sussex Regt 18-Sep-18 29 KIA Epehy – France Vis-en-Artois Memorial, CH   JN   CA   GR
GOUGH A E Edward 203152 Pte 2/4th Bn Berks Regt 22-Aug-17 37 KIA St Julien – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium  
GREENING G H George Henry 12735 Cpl 12th Bn Glos Regt 25-Jun-18 25 KIA Caudescure – France Aval Wood Cemetery, France CH  PA
HANKS E B Edward Basil 241630 LCpl 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 22-Aug-17 21 KIA Wieltje – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium CH   PRC
HARDY R L Richard Luard Capt 8th Bn KRRC 24-Aug-17 26 KIA Hooge – Belgium Hooge Crater Cemetery, CH
HUNT G C Gilbert Charles 45966 Pte 6th Bn Worcs Regt 12-Apr-17 18 DOI Plymouth – UK Leckhampton (St Peter’s CH   LK
JACOBS A H Albert Harold 28946 Pte 15th Bn Hants Regt 04-Sep-18 19 KIA River Lys – Belgium Vormezeele Enclosure No3 CH   HA   SA   GR
                    Cemetery, Belgium  
JAMES H Harry 285302 Gnr 332nd Siege Bty RGA 11-Sep-18 35 DOW Dernancourt – France Dernancourt Communal CH
                    Cemetery, France  
KENSINGTON D Dudley 33646 Pte 8th Bn Bedford Regt 03-Dec-17 33 KIA Cambrai – France Cambrai Memorial, France CH
KNAGGS K J Kenneth John 2Lt 4th Bn Royal Warks Regt 16-Mar-18 21 KIA Arleux – France Arleux Communal Cemetery,  
          att 56 Sqn RFC         France  
LACEY H C Harold Cyril 240892 Sgt 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 24-Apr-18 26 DOW Aire-sur-Lys – France Aire Communal Cemetery, CH   LK   LKC   GR
                    France OD   PAC
LANE H A Henry Arthur 240252 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 23-Jul-16 21 KIA Ovillers – France Pozieres British Cemetery, CH  AS
LANE R E Ronald Edward Wireless Mercantile Marine –  31-Oct-17 18 KIA At Sea – Off Algeria Mercantile Marine Memorial, CH   AS
        Op SS Cambric         London  
MITCHELL P G Percival George 9120 Cpl 2nd Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers 20-Aug-16 28 KIA High Wood – France Thiepval Memorial, France CH   CA
NEGUS R A Ralph Albert 2Lt 10th Bn Glos Regt 18-Apr-16 30 KIA Maroc – France Maroc British Cemetery, CH   SJ
NORRIS R C Reginald Charles 13035 Cpl 9th Bn Glos Regt 04-Oct-16 25 KIA Doiran – Salonica Karasouli Military Cemetery, CA   BC   GO
ORGAN G H George Henry 241639 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 15-Jun-18 40 KIA Asiago Plateau – Italy Boscon British Cemetery, CH
PHILLIPS A Arthur 28037 Pte 14th Bn Hants Regt 31-Jul-17 33 KIA Pilckem Ridge – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial, CH
PRICE J L John Lee 12934 Pte 2nd Bn Glos Regt 01-Sep-18 NK DOW Karasouli – Salonica Karasouli Military Cemetery, CH
REAY L Leslie 241066 LCpl 13th Bn Glos Regt 30-Mar-18 20 DOW Boves – France Boves West Communal CH   CA
                    Cemetery, France  
REED H W T Henry William 2Lt 1/2nd Bn Monmouth Regt 02-May-15 30 KIA St Julien – Belgium La Brique Military Cemetery, CH
    Tennent               Belgium  
REID J G John Gardner Capt 11th Bn Worcs Regt 08-Sep-16 26 KIA Lake Doiran – Salonica Karasouli Military Cemetery, CH   COL
STABLES H R Harold Rolleston 2Lt 5th Bn Royal Fusiliers 15-Nov-14 28 KIA Ypres – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial, COL
          att 1st Bn Cheshire Regt         Belgium  
TANNER J C John Champain Capt 56 Trg Depot Sqn RAF 01-Aug-18 21 A Cranwell – UK St Mary’s Churchyard, CH   AS   COL
                    Eversley, UK  
THOMAS E L Eric Lawrence Lt 13th Bn Welsh Regt 18-Sep-18 21 KIA Epehy – France Gouzeaucourt New British CH
                    Cemetery, France  
UNDERHILL SJ Stanley James 9910 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 22-May-18 22 KIA Chambrin – France Cambrin Cemetery, France CH   AS   CA
WELLS S C Sydney Charles 307461 Pte 2/7th Bn Warks Regt 24-Mar-18 37 KIA St Quentin – France Pozieres Memorial, France CH   MK
WOOLLCOMBE- H C Harold Courtenay Lt RN – HMS Gurkha 08-Feb-17 29 KIA At Sea – Off Dungeness Portsmouth Naval Memorial CH   AS
WOORE A C Albert Charles 240994 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 31-Mar-18 22 KIA Marcelcave – France Crucifix Corner Cemetery, CH   CA
WOORE A G Alfred George 26463 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 12-Jul-17 34 DOI Basra – Mesopotamia Basra War Cemetery – Iraq CH
WOORE W A William Arthur 10637 Sgt 39th Bn MGC 22-Mar-18 23 KIA St Quentin – France Pozieres Memorial, France CH   CA
YOUNG H F W Herbert Frank  463 Sgt 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 23-Jul-16 40 KIA Ovillers – France Pozieres British Cemetery, CH   PO   OD
    William               France  







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