St James’ Church, Cheltenham, Roll of Honour

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Roll of Honour

St James’ Church, Cheltenham


This Roll of Honour is situated at SS Philip and James Church, Cheltenham


Location:   Now located at Painswick Road,  Cheltenham

Grid Reference:  SO945213


Names on this Roll of Honour:   42

Visited (and re-discovered):   5th July 2002

IWM War Memorial Ref:   In due course

Inscriptions on this Roll of Honour:   In honoured memory of the Officers and Men of this Parish who responded to the call of duty and died for us in the Great War 1914 – 1919

This Roll of Honour was discovered by David James on 5th July 2002 in the kitchen of the redundant church of St James which had been closed for over 30 years.   By 3rd December 2002, it had been moved by the church authorities to St Philip’s and St James’ Church, Painswick Road, Cheltenham, where it remains.

Alphabetical list of names on this Roll of Honour

Beard H

Betteridge L

Bond E

Brain J E B

Brain W J B

Bubb F

Chambers W A

Collins M

Colquhoun R C

Dennis C

Edwards C

Freebury C F   *

Garner E

Garner H

Geddes A D   *

Geddes J G   *

Gibbs I R

Goddard W

Hall A J

Heekes A   *

Holland E

Hooper B   *

Jones W

King E

King J S   *

King T

Lodwick J T

Long G

Mayfield C

Moon A

Musgrove G H S   *

Negus A

Rickerby J H E   *

Roberts G   *

Shaw J   *

Smith H G

Smith W F

Taylor R F *

Weaver L H

Weaver W   *

White T H

Yeandle H   *

Those marked with * should be linked withthe notes against their name in the panel below


1.   Freebury is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

2.   Geddes brothers are commemorated on the grave of their father inCheltenham Cemetery.

3.   Heekes is probably Albert Heeks.

4.   Hooper is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

5.   King J S is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.

6.   Musgrove is commemorated on the grave of his parents inCheltenham Cemetery.

7.   Rickerby’s original battlefield grave marker is located in Cheltenham Cemetery.

8.   Roberts, Shaw, Taylor and W Weaver have yet to be identified.

9.   Yeandle is commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.




St James’ Church, Cheltenham, Roll of Honour

(Currently located at St Philip’s and St James’ Church, Painswick Road, Cheltenham)

Name on Memorial Actual Name Number Rank Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
BEARD H Harold PLY/1646(S) Pte 2nd Royal Marine Bn RMLI 28-Apr-17 26 KIA France – Arleux Arras Memorial, CH
BETTERIDGE L Ernest Linden Howard 13334 Sgt 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 24 KIA France – Loos Dud Corner Cemetery, CH  SS  SM
BOND E Edgar Charles 10325 Lcpl 7th Bn Glos Regt 06-Aug-15 20 KIA Gallipoli – Chunuk Bair Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, CH  SJS
BRAIN J E B John Edward Bennett 2497 Sgt Royal Glos Hussars 04-Dec-16 22 POW Mesopotamia – Angora Baghdad (North Gate) CH  GR
                    Memorial, Iraq  
BRAIN W J B Walter John Bennett 8/2851 Pte 1st Bn Otago Regt NZEF 14-Jul-16 25 KIA France – Armentieres Cite Bonjean Cemetery, DC
BUBB F Frank 6431 Pte 7th Bn Shropshire LI 28-Mar-18 37 KIA France – Wancourt Wancourt Cemetery, CH
CHAMBERS W A William Albert 199506 Gnr 263rd Bde RFA 15-Dec-18 20 DOI Egypt – Cairo Cairo War Cemetery, CH
COLLINS M Morgan John Burchett 10253 Pte 7th Bn Glos Regt 08-Aug-15 32 KIA Gallipoli – Chunuk Bair Helles Memorial, CH  PJ  SJS
COLQUHOUN R C Robert Crostwaite Maj RMLI att HMS Invincible 31-May-16 43 KIA At Sea – Jutland Portsmouth Naval CH
                    Memorial, UK  
DENNIS C Cecil 2716 Pte XIX Corps Cyclist Bn 21-Apr-18 39 POW France – Bohain Premont British CH  LU  COL
                    Cemetery, France  
EDWARDS C Charles O’Reilly Capt 57th Fd Coy RE 13-Dec-15 33 KIA Belgium – Ypres Ferme-Olivier Cemetery, CH  LU  COL
                    Elverdinghe, Belgium  
FREEBURY C F Charles Frederick 28728 Pte 9th Bn Glos Regt 07-Mar-18 33 DOW UK – Cheltenham Cheltenham Cemetery CH   SJS
GARNER E Edward 2535 Sgt 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 14-Aug-16 28 KIA France – Ovillers Thiepval Memorial, CH  SJS
                  Somme France  
GARNER H Horace 3198 Sgt 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 36 KIA France – Loos Loos Memorial. CH  SJS
GEDDES A D Augustus David Lt Col 2nd Bn East Kent Regt 28-Apr-15 48 KIA Belgium – St Jean Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, CH  COL
GEDDES J G John Gordon Brig GOC Shoreham District 26-Aug-19 55 DOI UK – Shoreham Shoreham Old Cemetery, CH  COL
GIBBS I R Ivan Richard Capt 10th Bn Glos Regt 25-Sep-15 23 KIA France – Loos St Mary’s ADS Cemetery, CH  GR
GODDARD W William 16966 Pte 10th Bn Worcs Regt 07-Jan-16 22 DOW France – Merville Merville Communal CH  SJS
                    Cemetery, France  
HALL A J Alfred John 42353 Pte 2nd Bn Yorks Regt 02-Apr-17 19 DOW France – Ficheux Bucquoy Road Cemetery, CH  CK  CKC
HEEKES A Albert HEEKS 13528 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 23-Jul-16 26 KIA France – Martinpuich Thiepval Memorial, CH   SJS
                  Somme France  
HOLLAND E Ernest Harry 2299 Pte 1st Bn Glos Regt 08-Sep-16 20 KIA France – High Wood Delville Wood Cemetery, CH   SJS
                  Somme France  
HOOPER B Bertie Charles 42243 Pte 3rd (Res) Bn South Wales 15-Oct-18 23 DOI UK – Liverpool Cheltenham Cemetery CH
JONES W William 10537 Pte 6th Bn DCLI 12-Aug-15 33 KIA Belgium – Ypres Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, CH
KING E Ernest John 241453 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 27-Aug-16 22 KIA France – Mouquet Farm Mill Road Cemetery, CH  SJS
                  Somme France  
KING J S Joseph Sydney 16169 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 08-Oct-15 16 DOW UK – Netley Cheltenham Cemetery CH  SJS
KING T Thomas 24660 Pte 7th Bn Royal West Kent Regt 13-Jul-17 26 KIA Belgium – Zillebeke Perth (China Wall) CH  SJS
                    Cemetery, Belgium  
LODWICK J T John Thornton Maj 3rd (QA) Own Gurkha Rifles 30-Dec-15 33 KAS At Sea – off Crete Chatby Memorial, CH  COL  
LONG G George Henry 33851 Pte 10th Bn Loyal North Lancs Regt 11-Apr-17 21 KIA France – Monchy Arras Memorial, France CH  SJS
MAYFIELD C Charles Henry George 18222 Pte 2nd Bn Royal Berks Regt 04-Apr-17 21 KIA France – Gouzeaucourt Thiepval Memorial, CH  SJS
                  Wood France  
MOON A Alfred Henry Victor 2117 Cpl 7th Bn Glos Regt 08-Aug-15 18 KIA Gallipoli – Chunuk Bair Helles Memorial, CH  PJ  BE  SJS
    James               Gallipoli  
MUSGROVE G H S George Henry Stuart 2Lt 8th Bn East Surrey Regt 01-Jul-16 27 KIA France – Montauban Carnoy Cemetery, CH
                  Somme France  
NEGUS A Ralph Albert 2Lt 10th Bn Glos Regt 18-Apr-16 30 KIA France – Maroc Maroc British Cemetery, CH  LU
RICKERBY J H E John Harold Ellerson Capt 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 22-Mar-18 22 KIA France – Holnon Wood Savy British Cemetery, CH  SH  COL
ROBERTS G                    
SHAW J                    
SMITH H G Harry George 2168 Lcpl 1st Bn Glos Regt 09-Sep-16 23 KIA France – High Wood Thiepval Memorial, CH  JN  SM  
                  Somme France  
SMITH W F William Francis 13304 Pte 10th Bn Glos Regt 08-Oct-15 22 DOW France – Etaples Etaples Cemetery, CH  SJS
TAYLOR R F                    
WEAVER L H Leonard Henry 6154 Pte 1/21st Bn London Regt 20-Jul-16 22 KIA France – Hebuterne Hebuterne Military CH
                    Cemetery, France  
WEAVER W                    
WHITE T H Thomas Harry 17601 Pte Hants Yeomanry 10-Oct-18 19 KAS At Sea – Irish Sea Hollybrook Memorial, CH  SJS
YEANDLE H Henry William 664 Cpl 14th Bn Royal Warks Regt 20-May-17 31 KIA France – Arras Arras Memorial, France CH






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