War Memorials In The Cheltenham Area

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear

The War Memorial at All Saints Church, Cheltenham


   War Memorials and Rolls of Honour in the Cheltenham Area

For their Book, Devereux and Sacker visited the 30 or so War Memorials and Rolls of Honour in and around Cheltenham to compile the basic list of local persons who gave their lives in the Great War.

For this website, these Memorials and Rolls have as far as possible been re-visited, as have others in Cheltenham, and in additional, the three village Memorials within the defined area of this website being those at Badgeworth, Elmstone Hardwicke and Staverton.   The Memorials and Rolls have been photographed and those names inscribed on each Memorial have been listed.   The complete list of sites visited is summarised here.   Each War Memorial and Roll of Honour has its own page within this website and links to each can be found below.

During further research, other War Memorials and Rolls of Honour not within the defined area but nevertheless containing the names of native Cheltonians or those associated with Cheltenham have been found.  These Memorials are also listed below.

   War Memorials and Rolls of Honour in the town of Cheltenham

Abbreviations as used in the Roll of Honour pages of this website

   War Memorials and Rolls of Honour in the surrounding areas

   Other War Memorials and Rolls of Honour in Gloucestershire

   Other War Memorials and Rolls of Honour elsewhere in the UK

where Cheltonians are commemorated

   National War Memorials, Rolls of Honour and Registers

   War Memorials and Rolls of Honour around the world where

 “Cheltonians” are commemorated

Cheltonians lie scattered around the globe, mostly in North West Europe.   Where actual grave locations are unknown or have been lost, their names are listed on Memorials To The Missing in the area where they were killed or died:


1.   Full summary of War Memorials/Rolls of Honour in the Cheltenham and surrounding area can be viewed here.




Page last updated:   22nd July 2018


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