Leckhampton War Memorial

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Leckhampton War Memorial


Location:   Junction of Church Rd/Hall Rd, Leckhampton, Glos

Grid Reference:   SO 946198

Unveiled:   7th April 1920

Names on this War Memorial:   35

Last Visited:   31st July 2012

Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register Number:   20840

Further information from GlosGen can be viewed here.

  Copyright:  Allan D James, 2012

Inscriptions on this War Memorial:   In the Great War 1914 – 1918.   To the Imperishable Memory of their Gallant Dead the people of Leckhampton dedicate this.   Away with fear of death, dwell on the undyingness beyond.

Alphabetical list of names inscribed on this War Memorial

Aldrich A

Angus R E

Ballinger P L

Barrett W V

Bendall L G

Burford H

Caudle W H   *

Cherrington V F

Cheshire J R   *

Delmar-Williamson G F   *

Enoch A W G

Farrar H A   *

Fordham A F

Gloster G C E   *

Hall F W   *

Hunt A F W

Hunt G C   *

Lacey H C

Larner E A

Lefeaux J F

Moorman A

Moulder W E

Murphy F C   *

Pritchett A O

Quill M D   *

Reilly F W   *

Richings T C

Siddall A G

Staines J M

Summers A R

Summers H G

Thompson E J   *

Thompson S B   *

Ward C A J

Winstone C G

Those marked with * should be linked with the notes against their name below.

Full service details of those named on the War Memorial can be seen at the foot of this page.


1.   Caudle is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

2.   Cheshire is commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

3.   Delmar-Williamson is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

4.   Farrar is commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

5.   Gloster is commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

6.   Hall is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

7.   Hunt is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

8.   Murphy is commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

9.   Quill is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

10.  Reilly is buried in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

11.  Thompson brothers are commemorated on the family grave in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard.

12.  Winstone is commemorated on his father’s grave in Swindon Village (St Lawrence’s) Churchyard.

13.  War Graves in Leckhampton (St Peter’s) Churchyard can be viewed here.

14.  All are commemorated in the Roll of Honour pages.

15.  All, less Hunt GC, Pritchett, Richings and Thompson SB, are commemorated on the Leckhampton (St Peter’s Church) Roll of Honour.

16.  The unveiling of the War Memorial was reported in the “Gloucestershire Echo” published on 7th April 1920.



Leckhampton War Memorial

Church Road, Leckhampton, Glos

Name on Memorial Actual Names Number Rank Regt/Corps/Unit Died Age Cause Location Cemetery/Memorial Notes
ALDRICH A Arnold 2Lt 1/8th Bn Worcs Regt 01-May-18 34 A Mount Kaberlarba – Granezza Cemetery CH   LKC
                  Italy Italy  
ANGUS R E Robert Edward Capt 64 Sqn RFC 20-Nov-17 23 KIA Cambrai – France Arras Flying Services LKC
                    Memorial, France  
BALLINGER P L Percival Louis 17566 Cpl 10th Bn Glos Regt 13-Oct-15 23 KIA Hohenzollern Redoubt, Loos Memorial CH   LKC
                  Loos – France France  
BARRETT W V Wilfred Varnish 2Lt 16th Bn Royal Warks Regt 28-Sep-18 28 DOW CCS at Grevillers – Grevilliers Cemetery No 3 CH   PJ   LKC
                  France France  
BENDALL L G Leonard Graham 236053 Pte 1st Bn Herefordshire Regt 02-Jan-18 25 DOW Jerusalem –  Jerusalem Cemetery CH   LKC
                  Palestine Palestine  
BURFORD H Harry 27600 Pte 17th Bn Lancs Fusiliers 20-Apr-18 25 DOW CCS at Doullens – Doullens Communal CH   PA   LKC
                  France Cemetery  
CAUDLE W H William Henry S/290589 Pte Army Service Corps 06-Jul-18 32 DOI Prees Heath – UK Leckhampton CH   GR   LKC
CHERRINGTON F Valentine Frank DM2/179446 Pte 70th Aux Petrol Coy ASC 18-Sep-18 26 KIA Ypres – Belgium Brandhoek Cemetery CH   LKC
CHESHIRE J R James Richard 3086 Pte 2nd Bn Glos Regt 06-Jul-15 42 KIA Armentieres – Chapelle D’Armentieres CH   OD   LKC
                  France Cemetery, France  
DELMAR- G F George Frederick Lt 13th Trg Sqn RAF 12-Jul-18 19 A Chippenham – UK Leckhampton CH   CC   LKC
WILLIAMSON                   Cemetery COL   LKC
ENOCH A W G Alfred William 2528 Lcpl 1/5th Bn  Glos Regt 21-Jul-16 24 KIA Ovillers, Somme Thiepval Memorial CH   PJ   LKC
    George             France France  
FARRAR H A Howard Alan 1474 Cpl 1/9th Bn London Regt 24-Apr-15 22 KIA Hill 60 – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH   LKC
FORDHAM A F M Arthur Frederick 3147 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 22-Nov-16 19 KIA Grandcourt – France Thiepval Memorial CH   LKC
    Milward               France  
GLOSTER G C E Gerald Charles Lt 1st Bn Devon Regt 06-Nov-17 20 KIA Polderhoek – Belgium Tyne Cot Memorial CH   LKC   COL
    Edward               Belgium COL   LKC
HALL F W Frederick 31064 Pte 36th Trg Reserve Bn 20-Nov-18 23 DOI Bristol – UK Leckhampton LKC
HUNT A F V Alfred Frederick 43644 Pte 11th Bn Royal Inniskilling 18-Dec-17 20 DOW CCS at Manancourt – Rocquigny-Equancourt CH   LKC
    Victor     Fusiliers       France Cemetery, France  
HUNT G C Gilbert Charles 45966 Pte 6th Bn Worcs Regt 12-Apr-17 18 DOI Plymouth – UK Leckhampton CH  LU
LACEY H C Harold Cyril 240982 Sgt 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 24-Apr-18 26 DOW CCS at Aire-sur-Lys – Aire Cemetery CH   LU   GR   
                  France France LKC   OD
LARNER E A Ernest Arthur 9513 Cpl 1st Bn York & Lancs Regt 17-Apr-15 22 KIA Zonnebeke – Menin Gate Memorial CH   SJS   LKC
                  Belgium Belgium  
LEFEAUX J F John Faulkner 2Lt 15th Bde RHA 15-Oct-18 20 DOW CCS N of Ypres – DuHallow Cemetery CH   GR   LKC
                  Belgium Belgium  
MOORMAN A Arthur 220450 Pte 2nd Bn Royal Berks Regt 06-Oct-18 29 KIA West of Douai – France Vis-en-Artois Memorial CH   BE   LKC
MOULDER W E William Ernest 18703 Pte 1st Bn West Surrey Regt 23-Apr-17 28 KIA La Coullotte – France Arras Memorial CH   LKC
MURPHY F C Frank Charles 241361 Pte 2/5th Bn Glos Regt 16-Apr-18 31 KIA Venant-Baquerolles Loos Memorial CH   LKC
                  France France  
PRITCHETT A O Albert Oscar 16990 Cpl 10th Bn Worcs Regt 08-Jul-17 24 KIA Oostaverne – Menin Gate Memorial CH   
                  Belgium Belgium  
QUILL M D Desmond Maurice Capt Royal Marine Artillery 17-Jun-18 22 A Portsmouth – UK Leckhampton COL   LKC
REILLY F W Frederick Walter 7484 Pte Depot Glos Regt 02-Mar-19 31 DOI Leckhampton – UK Leckhampton LKC
RICHINGS T C Thomas Charles 17768 Gnr 2nd Bde RFA 21-Mar-18 25 KIA Arras – France Arras Memorial CH   
SIDDALL A G Augustus Giles R239 AB RN – Drake Bn RND 25-Mar-18 20 KIA Flesquieres – Aras Memorial LKC
                  France France  
STAINES J M Joseph Middleton 1809 RSM 8th Bn Rifle Brigade 21-Aug-16 40 KIA Longueval – Somme Thiepval Memorial CH   LKC
                  France France  
SUMMERS A R Arthur Raymond 29007 Pte 5th Bn Grenadier Guards 03-Feb-17 18 A Caterham – UK Caterham Cemetery CH   LKC
SUMMERS H G Harold George 3567 Pte 1/5th Bn Glos Regt 27-Jul-16 21 DOW Ovillers, Somme – Lebucquiere Cemetery CH   LKC
                  France France  
THOMPSON E J Ernest John 10463 CQMS 1st Bn Grenadier Guards 29-Oct-14 30 KIA Gheluvelt – Belgium Menin Gate Memorial CH   LKC
THOMPSON S B Sydney Barnard 6207 CSM 9th Lancers 28-Oct-14 34 KIA Hollebeke –  Le Touret Memorial CH
                  Belgium France  
WARD C A J Charles Albert John Lt Indian Army Reserve 15-Dec-18 51 DOI At Sea – Red Sea Jerusalem Memorial CH   LKC
          of Officers         Palestine  
WINSTONE C G Charles Gordon 2234 Lcpl 1/4th Bn Queen’s Own 18-May-15 20 KIA Festubert – France Le Touret Memorial CH   GR   LKC
          Cameron Highlanders         France  






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