Cheltonians Who Died Whilst Serving With The Royal Fusiliers

Cheltonians Who Died in The Great War

 Whilst Serving With The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

Ref Name Rank Number Unit Date Died Cause Loc Age Memorials
1 BALDWIN  Frederick John Pte 12995 25th Battalion 3rd April 1915 DOI UK 41 CH
2 BILLINGS Samuel Walter Pte 85 19th Battalion 3rd January 1916 DOW FR 36 CH   CC   CK   CKC
3 BURROWS Frederick Edward Harry Pte G/96339 3rd Battalion 4th November 1918 KIA FR 33 CH   CK   CKC
4 CLARK Percy Thomas Pte 6002 12th Battalion 4th September 1916 KIA FR 36 PE
5 COOPER George Stanley Pte 19451 26th Battalion 29th January 1916 DOI UK 20 CH
6 DEARDEN James Ferrard   DSO, MC* Capt 1st Battalion 6th October 1919 DOI UK 23 CH   COL
7 GRIFFITH Rupert Vardon de Burgh Lt 3rd Battalion 12th March 1915 KIA BE 22 CH   CC   COL


HARVEY George Edward Pte 18372 7th Battalion 21st August 1918 KIA FR 34 CK   CKC
9 JONES William George Pte 16441 11th Battalion 10th August 1917 KIA BE 23 CH   SS
10 MINCHIN William Smith  MC Capt 11th Battalion 20th April 1918 KIA FR 46 CH   AS
11 OSBORNE Herbert Coventry Basset Maj 27th (Res) Battalion 28th June 1916 DOI UK 36 CH
12 PECK Bertram Ernest Pte 16374 2nd Battalion 7th August 1915 KIA GA 27 CH
13 STABLES Harold Rolleston 2Lt 5th (Res) Battalion  (Note 1) 15th November 1914 KIA BE 28 LU   COL
14 STEPHENS Francis Thomas Pte 17615 13th Battalion 23rd July 1918 KIA FR 29 CH


1.   STABLES was attached to 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment at the time of his death.

2.   The Royal Fusiliers involvement in the Great War can beviewed here.


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