War Graves Of The Great War and Commemorations in the Cheltenham Area

   LEAVING CHELTENHAM …………..and all that was dear



Summary of War Graves and Commemorations in and around Cheltenham



Summary of War Memorials


Summary of Commemorations




Those Buried

Those Commemorated



Holy Trinity Churchyard

Pte J Beesley *

Flt Lt S A Scriven


Pte P G Baldwin

LCpl J Bliss

Sgt E P Critchley

Lt G A C Moore

LCpl G G Scriven

2 + 5

Bishops Cleeve

St Michael’s Churchyard

LCpl H F Merrett *

Pte D Page 

Cpl S Pitman *


Pte W G Aldridge

2Lt G F Juckes

Lt T R Juckes

Pte G F Large

Pte W Large

Capt H V C Turnbull

3 + 6


St Mary Magdalene Churchyard

Cpl W E Cook **

Pte L L Bick

1 + 1

Charlton Kings


LCpl F J Addis

Spr J J Barrow

Pte A G Clapham

Pte W Coombe

Pte R G Fry

Pte A T King

Lt M Matthews *

Pte W U Newcombe **

Pte H G Sims *

Pte J W L Slee

Pte W M Brown

Sgt L P Dighton

2Lt W S Gardner

Pte C E S Fry

LCpl A J Lawrence

Lt (RN) C G R Phillott


10 + 6

St Mary’s Churchyard


2nd Offr H D Boulton

Sgt A V Bracher

Lt D M Brown

Sgt W J Chandler

Sgt G A Chapman

LCpl E H Chess

Sgt Maj H Collins

Pte R C Elliott

Pte T H Fry

Gnr A S Hennell

Pte H B Hodson

Sgt H G Peacey

Capt H G Turner

Capt H D Willis

Capt E C Willoughby

0 + 15



Pte W G Andrews ***

Pte O Arkell

Pte P Arkell **

Pte J B Baker 

Pte F J Baldwin 

LCpl G H Barber **

Pte E W Barnett **

Lt L Barnett *

Sgt F Beacham

Dvr S Bishop

CSM J S Beatty ****

Pte W Blackwell

Pte G A Booth ***

Ssgt R S Bourne

AB F H Bowstead

Pte J E Bowstead

Pte J Bradley ***

Capt H W Brewis MC * (****)

Pte C E J Brookes **

Pte W E Brothers ***

Rfn J C Clapham 

Pte B G Clarke 

Pte C F Clements 

Pte C Compton **

Pte A R Cook *

Pte W H Cooper 

Pte F E S Cox

Pte J G Cox 

Lt H C Craddock 

Pte J W Craddock 

Col G R Crawford 

Pte W C Creed 

Pte E Davis **

Pte J J Dougherty 

Gnr R Eggleston *

Ssgt S Elliot **

Pte W J Evans 

Pte S A Fitts 

Pte E V Fogerty **

Gnr H E Fogerty **

Pte C Freebury 

Lt Col H M Gardner *

Pte A F Gibbons 

Pte C Giles

Pte W A Gill (****)

Pte G A S Godwin 

Lt Col A W Gordon *  (****)

Pte A J B Goulding 

Cpl A R Green 

Pte J Gregory 

Pte T J Grinnell 

Rear Adm W J Grogan *

Dvr C A Hall 

Pte M W Hall 

Pte E Hargreaves ***

Pnr C H Harper 

Pte A J T Harris 

Pte P S Hawkins *

Pte W H Hawkins ***

Pte F W Hicks

Pte B Hooper

Cpl A Hudson

Pte W C Humphries  **

Pnr F James  **

WO1 H Jewell ***

Cpl W H Jordan

Pte J Kidd

Pte J S King

Pte W Kirk   ***

Cpl H W Kitz

Pte L W Langston **

Cpl F Lapworth

Pte T Loveridge

2nd AM H G Marshall

Pte E F McIntosh

Pte C J Meredith

Pte J Miflin

Stkr F Mills

Pnr J G Mitchell ****

LCpl C G Morgan **

Pte A V Morton ***

Spr A E Newcombe

CQMS J W Onion

Cpl F H Pargeter ****

Pte E J Pass ****

Pte J Pass   ***

Lt Col W B Piers **

AB G E Pigott

Dvr A E Preston

AB A H Price **

Mem E H J Roberts

Pte S Roberts

Dvr G Robinson  *

Pte W J Roff

Pte A C J Russell

Cpl J Screen

Nurse A M Shaw **

Gnr A Smith

Cpl W J Smith

Capt E D Smythies ****

Pte H H Spiers ***

1st AM F G Strange

LCpl S C Stroud

Spr G Stubbs

Sgt H Such

Pte E J Taylor **

Pte C W Terry

Pte F Townley

Pte P J Tustin

Cpl H C Vale

Sgt H S C Webb

Pnr V Webb

Pnr W Welsh ***

Pte B Whyte ***

Sgt H Widdows

Pte A J Williams

Pte E Williams 

Sgt P W H Williams **

Tpr W B Winter **


Pte H E Aldridge

LCpl W J Bailey

Capt A L T Baillie

Capt E H Baillie

Lt D Baillie

Pte C F Barton

Cpl A C Bayley

Lt E W Bell

Sgt E L H Betteridge

Cpl C A A Bishop

LCpl W J Bowles

Sgt P H Brill

2Lt E O Browning

Capt Browning-Paterson

Lt Col A R Burton

2Lt R H C Bushell

Pte A J Byard

2Lt I P Campbell

Pte G W Carter

Cpl H C P Chandler

LCpl G W Cheshire

Cpl E Chidley

Cpl D H Clee

Pte P H Clee

Pte R W Cole

2Lt C R Cook

Pte A W Cook

Sgt P T Cookley

Pte A H Cox

Pte T Davis

Sgt F M Driscoll

Pte J P Driscoll

Sgt Maj H M Edwards

Pte R W Eggleton

Pte J R Evans

2Lt M B Featherstone

Maj A Forbes

Capt H Forbes

Capt K Forbes-Robertson

Pte A V Gabb

Pte G B H Games

Pte E A Gater

Col A D Geddes

Brig J G Geddes

Lt E B Grasett

Pte H J Godsell

LCpl H Gregory

LS F C Grimes

Capt G R Hailstone

LCpl E B Hanks

Pte H G W Harper

Lt C C Harrison

Capt M C Harrison

Lt A V Hawker

2Lt F J Hawker

Pte A Hawkins

Lt R Hawkins

Lt D W Hay

Pte H S Hellings

Lt G G Hicking

Lt F J Hicking

Pte R B Hind

Pte A T Hiron

Pte T W Hunt

Pte W H Ireland

Capt F V Izard

2Lt S S Jackson

Pte A H Jacobs

Pte J T James

Maj H B H Johnston

Pte J W Jones

Pte N G Lake

Maj J R Landale

Lt (RN) W L Landale

Cpl W T Legg

Pte E Lock

Pte W E Long

Pte E Mather

Lt J K Mather

2Lt R Mather

Maj W G Maxwell

Pte E McCormick

Sgt J McCormick

Lt G A McGusty

Pte P G Mitchell

Maj C A G Money

2Lt G H S Musgrove

Pte L R Newcombe

Lt Cdr B S Noake

Pte J R B Page

Capt A J M Pemberton

Pte E H Pratt

Cpl O Pratt

Pte F J Purnell

2Lt C W E Rawlings

Pte E L Rawlings

Sgt G E Robinson

2Lt S G Rogers

2Lt A R Rowe

Pte R F Ruck

2Lt J E Sanders

Pte J Savory

2Lt P J Seater

Pte A Seward

LCpl F C Singer

LCpl A H Smith

Sgt Maj W H Smith

2Lt H C Stephens

Lt M Stevens

Lt Col H Stoney-Smith

Pte E A Taylor

Lt Cmdr F G Terry

2Lt H G Thomas

Pte P J Toms

Cpl H A Turbyfield

Lt Col A S Vanrenen

Lt E Vick

Gnr M Voile

Pte L N Were

Pte R A Wheeler

Pte T G Wheeler

Lt C W Winterbotham

LCpl F J Woolnough

LCpl F Workman

LCpl A J Yeates

117 + 125


St Peter’s Churchyard

Pte W H Caudle

Col G B Crawford  *

Capt J F Dearden

Lt G F Delmar-Williamson *

Pte F W Hall

Pte G C Hunt

Capt M D Quill *

Pte F W Reilly


Pte E C L Batten

Cdr S Bowle-Evans

Lt (RN) A J Carles

Pte J R Cheshire

Mids V H Corbyn

Capt A S Cresswell

Col A H Du Boulay

2Lt H L Du Boulay

Cpl H A Farrar

Lt C E Gaitskell

Lt R V Griffith

Maj J W Griffith

Lt Col W G Griffith

Lt C E Gloster

Capt B C Lousada

Lt E A Lousada

Capt H N Lee

Pte F C Murphy

Maj D Reynolds, VC

Capt T H Scott

Lt R S H Saunders

2Lt J L W Stock

Lt J M T Stock

Col E R R Swiney

CQMS E J Thompson

Sgt Maj S B Thompson

Cpl H W Yeandle

8 + 26


St Mary’s Churchyard

Dvr R J Dowdeswell

Capt A V Holman

Maj A M Inglis

Pte A G Louis *

Pte J G Webber


Asst Clk (RN) B S Cardew

Pte A E Gibbins

Rfn P G Garraway

2Lt L B Maby

Pte E E Parker

Pte F L Parker

Pte Edgar Robinson

Pte Edward Robinson

Maj J F Sumption

5 + 9


St Paul’s Churchyard

Pte R A Cooper

Pte W B H Lindsey ****

Pte L H H Clark

2 + 1


St Catherine’s Churchyard


Pte E H Harris

0 + 1

Stoke Orchard

St James’ Churchyard


Gnr J E Lewis

0 + 1

Swindon Village

St Lawrence’s Churchyard

Capt R D C Gabell *

Pte W H N Keyte **

Pte A T Whitaker ****

Sgt G L Cannock

LCpl C G Winstone

2 + 2


149 + 196

Summary of Burials and Commemorations to Cheltonians elsewhere in Gloucestershire




Capt A L S Thomson *

Lt G F M Thomson

1 + 1


St George’s Churchyard


Lt J C Hutchinson

0 + 1

Edge, near Painswick

St John the Baptist Church


Major J Carnegy

0 + 1


St Mary’s Churchyard

Pte G Chalk


1 + 0

Great Witcombe

St Mary’s Churchyard

Lt (RN) J S Cardew *

Capt (RN) H Christian *


2 + 0


Ss Philip & James Church

LCpl G N Gastrell


1 + 0


St Nicholas’ Churchyard


Sgt C P Wilks

0 + 1


5 + 4


1.   Those marked (*) are buried in civilian graves which are officially recognised by the CWGC.

2.   Those marked (**) are buried in civilian graves which are not recognised by the CWGC.

3.   Those marked (***) appear to have little or no obvious connection with Cheltenham or the local area and are not commemorated on any local memorial.

4.   Those marked (****) are native or adopted Cheltonians or locals but are not commemorated on any memorial in the Cheltenham area.

5.   Commemorations on gravestones can be viewed here.




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